Three Island Tour
This tour was done in November of 2000. I wasn't going to be in Japan for much longer and winter was on its way so this was one of my last chances. It was intended just to be a trip to Shikoku -the red island on the left, for no beter reason than I hadn't been there before. Including Kyushu was a macho whim and made the trip around 3000 kilometres over 7 days. The expressways are expensive but efficient and even though they snarl up into 50 or 60 km long traffic jams, you can usually cut through on a bike. Hats off to Mr. Honda for making bikes where mechanical considerations don't even figure.

The photos are actually a bit crap for this tour and needed a lot of photoshopping for various foolishnesses like forgetting to put shutter speeds back onto automatic and, it seems, focusing. Awareness of my fading mental powers led me to think that maybe my camera should do a bit of the thinking. Shortly after it was replaced with an all singing, all dancing Nikon F100 (on which I lost a roll of Xmas shots by unwittingly turning off the ASA autodetect). Anyway have a look at some pix of my last big bike tour before being lured into the conveniences of the cathredral-like Volvo wagon.
Anyway click on any picture and away you go. You can read the overedited duff commentary while waiting for the pictures to load if you like

-Anthony Georgeff


If you don't know Aomori, then it's right up the top of Honshu, the main island of Japan, within a hefty gob of Hokkaido. We spent five days up there,alternating between winding mountain roads and winding seaside roads, pancakes at Misawa Air Base for breakfast & squid and tuna sashimi for dinner, mild sunny rain free weather, and the leaves changing colour.
The tour was taken in October 2000 with Dean Orfield. a friend from a nearby US Air Base, on his TL1000, and Toni, my wife, who pillioned for a few days - her bike being in the shop after an "incident".
The photos were mostly taken on a 24mm lens, (a) because I like this lens, and (b) because it makes for an easy compsosition with helmet still on.
Just click on a pic for a larger version with commentary.
Anthony Georgeff (VTR1000)