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The Black Oil.

No Super Soldiers.

Fall 2004

Oil and Blood 01: Miles To Go (WiP) by MollyRocket

What is Oil and Blood?

1. More importantly than #2 , it's a very strange poem by William Butler Yeats.

2. It's an experiment. As my fellow writers could tell you, one of my favorite phrases is "It'd be neat if..." and this is one of those ifs. A few months back I wondered what it would be like to get a group of people to write a series of fics, each writer independently writing a story (rather than round-robin style). Being me, I promptly forgot about it until something reminded me of it not too long ago. I also thought it would be interesting to start with the titles- each author picking the title of the fic they'd write- giving them to a non-involved party to decide the order of fics to be written. Fortunately, the five writers I invited to be part of the series agreed!

Once we had the titles and the order, we hammered out the basic plot arch, which will be a revisionist view of half-way through season seven on. Rather than deal with super soldiers, we decided to continue the black oil arch abandoned in season six. Where it goes from there, you'll have to wait and see :)


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