Drilling Ahead:
The Quest for Oil in the Deep South, 1945-2005
“We set ’em on fire!” legendary oil hunter Chesley Pruet said.  He was talking not about smoke and flames but about the passion of conquest.  Pruet and other oil hunters stalked their quarry with a fiery resolve, staking their fortunes and careers on calculated risks, living for the day the drill bit reached its target. 

Through their discoveries the American oil hunters helped quench the nation’s thirst for energy, created thousands of jobs, generated billions in tax revenue, and made legions of millionaires.  Drilling Ahead is the story of the triumphs and failures of those gamblers and adventurers and the impact they made on the lives of the people of the Deep South.
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Alan Cockrell is a petroleum geologist who worked the Alabama-Mississippi oil regions for 12 years.
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