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Who are we

Logo Oisoft Rekords Oisoft Rekords is a music producer who provide strange free music on the Internet. You can copy all Oisoft Rekords music where you want with no restrictions, that's cool and you can link and email to Oisoft Rekords with no restrictions too.


Logo Oisoft Rekords You enter in a zone where is realized a fusion between these two formerly distinct worlds: world of the high technology and world of the musical alternative-culture. With a Cyberpunk attitude, Oisoft Rekords does not fight against this symbol of the money-bussiness which became the current Internet, but adapts it in order to transform Internet in an instrument of alternative power or at least of alternative-culture. Oisoft Rekords adapts current media technologies available on Internet - HTML, PHP, mp3, java, flash XML - to destroy them and rebuild them with its image. The artists of Oisoft Rekords are the first generation of artists to evolve/move in a cyber-world where the various tehnologies of Internet are a part of their daily reality and forge their perceptuel access. You can find here the original specificity of their work; technology (High or Low - Tech) has there no more one negative or positive value, but it is a component of their work as artists.

dj took is working dj-took is working

Peercast Radio

Oisoft Rekords Free Radio Because Internet Radio is dead and corporate rock still sucks Oisoft Rekords got the Free Oisoft Rekords Radio. You need peercast to get the radio ! Sources of Peercast is under the GPL. You can download and install the peercast client.

Free Downloable MP3s

Start-up Internet Here are sone links to the legal audio files mp3 of Oisoft Rekords . Songs are dedicaced to the new economy

The orDrumBox: Audio sequencer and virtual drum machine

Sources code and application are free under GPL licence. Use the power of Artificial Intelligence programming for drum pattern auto-programming It's a software drum machine , you can play in real-time use drumkits and let the software create patterns for you. It's fun !!!! It's a Freeware and a GPL license, you can download the application and the source code in Java. Full english documentation and tutorial is provided

DJ-Took: A Techno CyberPunk artist

There is not a big possibility anyway that the mainstream listener will get in touch with this song, cause I pursue without concessions my determined attitude on making minimalist and repetitive dub oriented music. So, you will admit the definitive evidence that electronic noise and minimalist patterns are by no means the only alternatives left to cyberpunk musicians.

dj took sampling a tv-show dj took making powerlooops

Fun Stuffs, you can download many of audio loops, performed by Dj-took. Free techno loops in mp3 format ! Just click on the icons bellow to get loops !

Loops Loops Loops Loops Loops

Power Loops

Automatic random loops on Power Loops

Free Loops

You will find downloadable sound files of jingles and sound design work mp3 ogg audio formats. Oisoft Rekords production is loops library, virtual synthesizer based. Samples include drum loops, guitar & bass samples, vocal sound effects and more.

Les Asynchrones: A Rock Band

Les Asynchrones They are fighting against corporate and main stream thinking with electric guitars as weapons ! Since the 77 punk style is a tradition, they play traditional punk style song in french.

Argh!!! Les Asynchrones LES ASYNCHRONES !! This five piece combo is definitely not a boy-band ! They browse the WEB with guitars on the quest for the FORCE. Forget about STARSHIP ENTERPRISE for any little help from a friend! Stay tune to this TSUNANI of melodies short of bandwith straight out from a surf party in the swamps under a napalm sunset. Courtesy of LUX and YVI, they 'd got 3-d bikinis and blaster zip-gun. C'mon everybody, get up, stand up and stomp the cities like GODZILLA did it to the beat of LES ASYNCHRONES! Yeah , baby! Do the scream ! Go, girl, go! Let's get psycho! Grab a TELECASTER and let them eat MP3 wrapped in a web of smell of female.

Sur la compil Detroit Noise

Studio 8 pistes

Les d�buts

R�p�te �nerv�e

R�p�te calme

D�lires et Remix

Detroit Noise compilation cover The Asynchrones on a Punk International Compilation at Detroit Noise. The Asynchrones on a Punk International Compilation at Detroit Noise. The Asynchrones on a Punk International Compilation at Detroit Noise. The Asynchrones on a Punk International Compilation at Detroit Noise. The Asynchrones on a Punk International Compilation at Detroit Noise. The Asynchrones on a Punk International Compilation at Detroit Noise. The Asynchrones on a Punk International Compilation at Detroit Noise. The Asynchrones on a Punk International Compilation at Detroit Noise

Vibra Radio Tetris Radio VibraProds Strange and Parodic Groove and Fun

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French version

Just the french version of this site whith more infos in french ! http://oisoftrekords.free.fr

Feed Back

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Legal Stuffs

Notice: This page is 100% legal; all musics or pictures or programs that is distributed here is music written and performed by Oisoft Rekords and all the copyleft to all the datas presented here belongs to Oisoft Rekords and the authors.

Copyleft � 1996 Oisoft Rekords. licence art libre oisoft rekords studios oisoft.rekords@laposte.net

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