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CESC's  H.O. Victoria House Kolkata Electric Supply

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HI! I am  Jayanta Narayan Choudhuri

Flat 302
395 Jodhpur Park
Kolkata 700 068

TelRes: 91(33)2473-1891  91(33)2414-4719
Mobile: 91 98302-42070

I am a Senior I.T. Consultant with about 30+ years experience in Software Development. My technical background includes UNIX, Java, J2EE(EJB), Windows NT, ICL mainframe and ICL minicomputer environments. In RDBMS I have good exposure to MS SQLServer, SYBASE, ORACLE, INGRES and INFORMIX. I have relevant experience with business applications in hospital management, hotel management, power and engineering industries.  My focus is SAP technology.

At this point in time I am working in IS-Retail SAP with focus on technical areas BASIS and ABAPd BI. With my strong Java J2SE & J2EE backgrounds I will focus on SAP NetWeaver. In functional areas I will move into a vertical area like SAP for Utilities. 

Before moving into SAP I completed a large Oracle Application where I was in the role of mentor & technical guide. The Utilities application for Calcutta Electric Supply processes on the average eighty thousand bills and payments per day. It is one of the largest Oracle Application in India.

I have did  a large VAX VMS RALLY RDB migration to UNIX ORACLE D2K.Migration of Legacy Systems.html  Many of the tools are quite generic. For example I have evolved very effective algorithms of converting deeply nested Ifs etc. to 4GL. So these tools and techniques will be highly efffective for other migrations as well. I have done a Unix+Sybase+APT to Windows+MicrosoftSQLserver+PowerBuilder migration.


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I am very confident of developing Win32 clones or migration tools. I have developed in 2 weeks time the Oracle RPF&RPT Clone.

I have  developed Migration tools for RAlLy/RDB to Oracle/PLSQL/D2K

aslo  Unix+Sybase+APT to Windows+MicrosoftSQLserver+PowerBuilder. 


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