Hey Earthlings!
         Welcome to this little niche on the world wide web. What is the Foundation about?  The GreyOval  will represent the building of a better world community that is not linked by "selfish business" and consumerism but a global society founded on the will of the individual and the talents that we all keep and share.
        The Oval offers professional young adults a platform for expression. It is our voice, your voice, the voice of a new global era that embraces constant  change, renewal and growth!!! We all die eventually, and most of our ideas and cultures fade away or is replaced. The important question then becomes what can we leave behind to stimulate the minds of the future? 
        This page serves to provide links to some vital web resources necessary for a succesful living.....

                                                                                        Olaf Johnson, 2004
The GreyOval Foundation
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"I can envision a world without war, famine, terrorism, rascism, murder, and crime. I also bet our world will anihilate them because they will never expect it."
                                                   ~Unknown 20th century ~
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"Everyone has a plan. Even if their plan is to have no plan at all. My plans, whiles personal, concerns the future more than anything else. Listen. Mankind should have existed, as we are today, for 250,000 years. We can precisely trace our history back to only 50,000 years. We have been civilized for 5000  of those years. We have had Religion for 2500 years. We have used the full extent of fossil based energy for the last 500 years. Nuclear and Electric power has served us for the last 60 years. Computers have been around for the last 20. The Internet no longer than 10. Considering no other generation in history has lived as good as we do and have been born with as many choices can we conclude that this is our peak. They are cycles in nature. Even the cold emptiness that makes up 99% of the universe will perish. On our planet, history has observed that new cycles appear every 50,000 years. What came before? What will come next? Why do you care?"
Two Pages, 2001
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