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Thanks for visiting! My name is Kristen Van Dam, also known as Okashi, and this is my personal site filled with my art, interests, and whatever the hell else I can think up to display ^.^*

For new works inbetween updates please see my Deviant Art account at: http://okashichan.deviantart.com/

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12-03-03- Gah! I'm so lazy I never update even though I've made, like, a billion pics since the last update!!! I don't even have an update this time actually ^.^* Too busy currently but I had a thought! I thought "hey why don't I put my Deviant art link up here so people can see my new stuff inbetween the huge gaps of updating?" and low and behold that is what this update is for!!! Please click on the above deviant art link to see my new stuff and as soon as I get the chance I shall update here! Love all around!!

08-01-03- big big update time again! 5 new pics in the "original works" section under "art". go take a look see 'cause i've been on a super cute boy kick so there are some cutie guys there!! also one new "wufei from gundam wing" picta under "art" in the "fanart" section! i heart wu-chan lots! 2 new pics under "art" in the "oekaki" section! one little boy and one gaara from naruto *.* i love gaara! and lastly, all under "art" in the "gifts" section there are a few new pics! 3 new gifts i've done and one new gift givin' to me! whoohoo that's a big update ^.^* that's what i get for updating so irregularly! sorry for my laziness!!!

03-02-03- big, big update! woo! there are 14 new pictures in the "art" section under "original works," plus, one new "inu yasha" picta under "art" in the "fanart" section! Please take a look see XD

     link: http://www.oocities.com/okashichan
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