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A little about us

Welcome to Brett and Terry's Palace

We're a couple in our twenties, living in Oklahoma with our three babies, Brutus (not even one year old yet), Kobe (two years old), and Dakota (three). We just added a few pictures from my birthday and one of our trips to Dallas, so be sure to check out the Photo Album before you leave.

I (Brett) have lived in Lawton, Oklahoma most of my life and am about to graduate college in a few months. Thank goodness. I am so glad to be done with school for at least a short while. Terry moved here a few years ago (mostly because of me. Wasn't that sweet?). We enjoy hanging out with our friends (a few of them are in our Photo Album), exercising, and just being together. We've maintained our separate tastes in what's fun and what's not despite spending the last few years living together and wouldn't trade eachother in for anything (except maybe a really nice car or a lot of money---just kidding). If you're ever in the Lawton area, feel free to drop us an email.

Sometimes you can catch me on If you see me on there or out and about, be sure to say HI. We're always up for making more GOOD friends. If you're a dork or loser, please spare us some drama and pretend you don't recognize us.

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