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First time clearing of Fear
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Casters Realm
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I have played Everquest since the Kunark expansion came out.  I have enjoyed this game for most of this time.  I hope to put some more information in this so others can learn from what I have done and see some of the adventures I have been involved in.

I play on The Seventh Hammer server and play on 2 accounts.  On these 2 accounts I have  a 55 half elf Ranger( my first character), a 70 human Warrior, and a 69 iksar Shaman.  There are other characters 3 of which are in their 50s, but I don't play them near as often. 

Below I have  links to some of my characters so you can look at them.  This is a work in progress.  It will continue to change as I get more attuned to working on this. Bear with me, I'm a beginner :)
Fendall the Half Elf Ranger
Fendrom the Human Warrior
Syckn the Iksar Shaman
Legion of Scales guild
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