Insider Promo. (Okie, you're welcome to use these, if you'd like, on your MESS photos page.)

Announcer: This is Vanuatu, islands of fire... (all new Vanuatu shots) of the game Survivor.

Once again, women take on the men as 18 new castaways... (Vanuatu locals, Vanuatu teams, sunset, recycled from Ass walkers)

...will have to build a civilization... (all faces recycled, all supplies from Vanuatu)

...from scratch, (these 4 shots look new to me)

form winning alliances, (both of these are recycled from ASS)

...and compete in extreme challenges. (Vanuatu men running, Brook falling, Amber and ASS diving, ASS in water, Mia muddy, Brook falling yet again, ASS tribal council.)

But unlike other Survivors, (all shots recycled)

...they’ll have to do it here. (All local Vanuatu tribal activities.)

...where there’s no telling what will erupt! (All shots from Vanuatu)

Don’t miss the premiere of Survivor Vanuatu, islands of fire.

CBS Thursday, September 16, we’re turning up the heat.