Tuesday - 9/16/03

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Saturday was a much better day, despite having to miss Gene's party, because I went to over to Russel's house with Bobby and Ann, for Russel's sisters birthday party, which was somewhat ironic. During the party, I attempted to mingle with several of the hot chicks, but for the most part I was met with little interest. And after asking a very beautiful girl to buy her a drink and being rejected by her I was far from interested in experiencing another rejection, and thus I soon left afterwards. After leaving the party with Bobby, Ann had left earlier, we drove back to my apartment and went outsite to smoke some cigars and drink a few beers. We talked with a few drunk people who were walking by and Ann and Bobby followed some of our neighbors to their apartment and said hello, during which time I talked to a guy named Matt whom had supposedly gotten kicked out of a party because some girl told him he was too drunk and had became an asshole. Anyway, after Bobby and Ann came back we discovered that some adjacent neighbhors were listening to music and holding a small dance party. We joined in, or I should say Bobby, I merely attempted to dance, and that lasted for maybe thirty minutes. And that was the totality of my Saturday night, some might say exciting, and yet it was ridled with rejection and awkwardness. Hopefully in the future I will be able to dance better, and maybe the girl I ask will be more willing to open up and take a chance.

Monday, in my political science class, this very sexy girl sat next to me - and perhaps, if she does it again I may ask her out. She and another girl in the class, seem to be somewhat interested in me, and I did notice that neither of them had wedding rings (which is something one should check for when taking a 4000 level course). The later wore pajamas on Friday, and even the class lesbian couldn't help but gawking at her, so perhaps the reason that the former sat closer to me on Monday was because she wanted to increase her visibility without compromising her standards. Either way both of them are very nice looking, and we'll see how it all plays out, although this time I'm not going to be afraid of initating a relationship, reguardless of whatever it may evolve into. Other then these two, there is one girl in my late night monday class, one girl in my film class, and one girl in my gender class whom seem like women I would like to know more about. So hopefully, with all these opportunities, I will be able to find myself in a relationship with one of them. Despite this, an online friend of mine, said that she never went to class looking for men, thus I fear they may not be even interested in me. If not, then maybe I'll have more luck at the next party I go to. I wish I could control my desires, but every little move that any of these women make in class makes my lower half leap in excitment. But who can complain about free eyecandy, and who cares if someone sees the buldge in my pants move, maybe it will just turn them on enough to ask me out. Although that could be a problem in my Gender class, since there are quite a few gay men in it, but I don't want to go there.

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