Honors HIST 1103 – Survey of American History

Spring 2002

Dr. Laura Belmonte


Assignment for Beth Bailey, From Front Porch to Back Seat: Courtship in Twentieth-Century America


Due in class on Thursday, March 28th


Read: pp. 1-96 only


Write a 5-7 page essay (be sure to include an introduction and conclusion) in which you summarize Bailey’s major themes and answer – within the body of your essay – the following questions (in whatever order you wish):


-Why and how did courtship and dating patterns change over time?


-How did media reflections and images of dating change over time?


-How have the roles and expectations of men and women changed in regard to courtship and dating?


-How have trends in marriage changed?


-How has consumerism been linked to dating?


-How have the connections between sex and dating changed?


-How have parents and other authorities reacted to dating practices?


-How would you describe dating and courtship practices today?


-Did you like this book?  Should I assign it again?  Explain your answers.