Peter's pottery and photographs.  Pottery and ceramics handcrafted at some of Japan's historic pottery centres. Freepot is for the enjoyment and understanding of handmade pottery. Sharing the spirit of human development, ingenuity, artistry, and craft, with everyone.  Wabi Sabi is a gallery of photos showing  life in Japan.  Some of the photos are full of interesting contrasts.  The words refer to an  appreciation of the ideal, and ancient beauty to be found in nature. link to doitreal, now at, You are the world. Display of a selection of ceramics, paintings, drawings, and photographs from an early period.  A thumbnail gallery. A look at projects in hand. Snapshots of recent work, drawings, paintings and pottery.
This is a curiosity piece.

Pottery, ceramics, photography,
art, craft and design.

Peter's window on the world.

Who is Peter? Looking here it could be said he is an artist. However it is better to dispel any such mind set. It's not particularly important that it's art, or who it's made by. It's just that there is a need to give it a name. It is curious that the words, labels, definitions, categories and criteria, that are used to organise the world, are what we have come to expect as prescriptions for correct practice. Peter makes pottery and ceramics, takes photo's, writes, paints, draws, designs, and develops web sites. It's not a business, not a profession, not famous, and it's not specifically about this or that. So how does all this fit into the scheme of things? This is not just a problem for deciding where it fits, but that so many people adjudge what to do, and how it is done, by this measure. When you have stepped into a nameless and limitless reality, everything is seen with the artist's eye.

This is the starting point for people interested in the work by Peter.

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  • Gallery of pottery made in Japan. Peter's pottery and photographs.
  • Pottery and Ceramics homepage called Freepot.
  • Wabi Sabi, photo's of life in Japan.
  • Are you interested in meditation.....? doitreal, now at, "Life and Mind", and "You are The World", are for serious minded people only.
  • Also there will be some updates, with views of any progress in projects such as the building of a kiln.
  • Here is something special. A show of some earlier work; paintings, drawings, photography, pottery and ceramics.
  • Also there will be some updates, with views of any progress in projects such as the building of a kiln.
  • You can also see some snapshots of recent drawings, paintings and pottery.

  • Want to look at some paintings. With artist's comments. Curious?
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  • Interested in how to make pottery? There is the magazine,
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Pmag Pottery techniques magazine.
How to make it, step by step.
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During the years I have made various web sites. Here I have brought them altogether into one site. Plus there are many added features.

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