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Welcome to Unrealized. This is where the shit hits the fan, or its my website. (pick one) Anyways, you can take a look at what I have here or you can just leave. Either one is fine because I'd probabaly want you to leave if I knew who you were anyways. No, but seriously, check out my site, or I'll break out the spoon and start cutting myself again. Click on the pictures next to the staff names, so you can go there and feel special after reading everything. I keep my crappy art, along with things that people send, in the Art section. I've been drawin for like 2 months now so you wont see anything really good. If you ever have anything that you want posted in the the art section just send it to me. I'll post it and give you credit, or I'll show it to my friend's and we can laugh at your pathetic attempts. The Posts section of this site if full of my jacked up opinons, and views. I'm warning you right now, something there will offend you. When it happens just get over it. If you send me hate mail and all that bullshit, I'll just humiliate you, and kick your mom in the face... HARD. A few of my friends also have the privilege of writing here so you'll eventually have to read through some of the gay crap they post (They're gonna kill me for that). Just like art, if you want to have somethin posted then send it. If I don't like it, you know the drill. I'm currently in the band Downshaft. The page won't be up for a while because we haven't gotten our crap together yet. But, I assure you that when it's up that there will be enough awesomeness to go around. As far as contacting me goes, you can add me to one of your messengers, or email me clicking on my name. I'm lettin you know right now that if you're fucking retarded I won't talk to you at all. Well thats all i have to say, so LEAVE... Oh, I mean enjoy.


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