Hi!! My name is Nicholas.

I play the piano and the guitar. It's part of history now. My hobbies are: playing pool with friends at Asia Cafe, SS15, and sometimes watch movies. Most of the time, i would just hang out with my friends almost anywhere within PJ. I'd go for clubbing and drinking at pubs.

Reading? I hate it!!! i'll only read notes for my exams. I learn faster through practicals then reading theories. Theories bore me to sleep. "Studying or working?" one may ask. Well, studying. I'm doing this lame Dreamweaver as part of the syllabus. Yes i'm quite old to study but it's better than getting lousy jobs for having lousy education background. Most lecturers are boring, not to mention the fellow studentz as well.


This section is for BITC students

22 Jun 2006 (email to Ms. Lucia)

22nd June 2006 (Reply from Ms. Lucia)

My Simple TicTacToe






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