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PAANO 2007 Inaugural Ball

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The Halloween Party was great!!!

(The officers' efforts led to a lot of PAANO kids having fun.)

Thanks to our hardworking officers (led by Grace Pascual). The children had a blast at the Halloween Party. A lot of kids agree that it was probably the best every halloween party PAANO ever had. After the usual dinner, everyone was treated to a "haunted house". Then there was "musical chairs" and limbo rack. Then the kids went arround the tables for "trick or treat". Finally the best costumes were judged from among the little kids, the young ones, and those older folks who wanted to stay young. Congratulations to PAANO and the 2006 officers!

The Filipino Community Center at Waipahu, Hawaii: An Inspiration

To give inspiration to those who dream of having our own Filipino Community Center here in Oklahoma, let us check out what the Filipino community in Hawaii did to realize their dream.

Skeptics said that it could not be done, but the flame was championed by two businessmen. One of the two is in fact a University of Oklahoma graduate. We should have them as consultants if ever we decide to start working on our own Filipino Community Center here in Oklahoma.

Witness too the spirit of volunteerism among the Filipino community in Hawaii that sustained the work in realizing their dream to have a center of their own. This is truly inspiring.

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