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"I have been blessed with an above average intelligence.
I have made it one of my goals in life to squander it all away.
I have succeeded."

Author unknown.


And Thanks for Taking the Time to Visit

This page itself is a work in progress (much like my life), a revamping of the original collection of ramblings and thoughts from a man with obviously too much time on his hands.

If you came here hoping to learn more about me you will have to take the time to go through my many sub pages of writings; there is no "RealSnaps" Biography.

I want you to see this page as a jumping off point from where you can get a good feel for what I offer. If you don't go any further than this page, you've barely scratched the surface! The main pages I have are related to the "Advice for Everyone" interactive advice column. That one should be a sure see set of pages. But there is so much more and there will be lots more to come.

Please try my "Roadtrip" pages (travelling is one of major joys), as well as the preview of my fiction novel I'm writing (I'll finish it when the weather gets cold again!). Also, payed a visit to the pages of some of my cyber friends (it takes a lot of time and effort to create them, so drop by and sign their guestbooks).

Soon I will have a section of links just for pages I have created for other people or organizations. so I'd appreciate it if you'd visit them as well! And still...if you don't have your own page and you would like some help in creating one, just drop me an E and I'll see what I can do!

You see! I'm rambling already! That didn't take long at all now did it?

Finally, there will soon be a photo studio (another of my pastimes) but it will have to wait till I can find someone to lend me their scanner! Or I may have to wait till I get a real job!

Sooooo..let's get going!!

I've tried to keep the pages clutter free so that they download faster for those of you with a slower modem. And thanks again for visiting!*s*

While you're here be sure to sign my Guestbook just so I know you've been here.

Thanks and have fun!

1998. Chris Van Herk

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Advice for Everyone!

This is my interactive internet advice column. I am here and able to help you out with any query or question or problem. Give me a try!

The Truth As I See It!

Your questions and my answers to the above link.

Updated January 6, 1999

"LoisVille Wisconsin"

A preview of my new book,"LoisVille Wisconsin", in progress.


A look at my 3 month Roadtrip of '93

RoadTrip '98

Part one: Acadia Maine

Coming soon!

RoadTrip '98

Part Two: Vermont, New Hamshire, and Montreal for the HCU Reunion

My added links!

Some other places to visit, including my friends' pages.

My Best Of List

Just a touch of rambling junk.

Beyond the Boundaries of Normalities"

Here's what the critics have to say about "Beyond the Boundaries of Normalities", the latest creation from Herkules Enterprises:

"Inspiring! Couldn't stop reading it!"
The Kenora Bluelight

"The greatest piece of literature since Freud!"
Southeast Sentinel

"Moving! Powerful!"
The Movers and Power Union

"What he does with leeks and cabbage is almost musical!"
Marta Stuart

"I will never be the same after reading it!"
Father Isiaih Goodnow

"Who knew?"
Dr. Kyle Dandel

Be sure to visit this exciting site before it's too late!

"Beyond the Boundaries of Normalities". A look at life through my reopened eyes.

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I will tell you this much though: I am a proud Canadian male at the oh so young age of 34, attached, and I live just outside of Toronto Ontario. That's all you get, so bugger off and go read one of my fabulous pages!


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