Here's a list of magazine articles with information on the Gorre & Daphetid.
I've also added a few articles on the neighbouring roads Alturas & Lone Pine (Whit Towers),
Marquette Union Terminal (Cliff Robinson), Texas & Rio Grande Western (Bill McClanahan)
and Tioga Pass (Jim Findley) which all figure on the GD Line.

Model Railroader

Jan 48 Cover - #8 Sgt Ennis
Photo Report on the GD Line
May 48 Track Plans of the Month: Gorre & Daphetid
Nov 49 Railway Postoffice - Narrow Gauge Gondola By John Allen for Cliff Grandt
Dec 49 Mt Alexander Narrow gauge on 2nd G&D
Mar 51 Return trip to the Gorre & Daphetid Camera trip over 2nd G&D
Jan 52 Trackside photo - Teaby Fire Extinguisher Co
Sep 52 Cover - John Allen at work on 2nd layout
Varney ad
Aug 54 Varney ad
Dec 55 Aging and Weathering Cars Painting clinic by John Allen
Jan 56 Aging and Weathering Cars and Locomotives Painting clinic by John Allen
Mar 56 The NEW Gorre & Daphetid Building photos of 3rd G&D
Oct 56 Trackside photos - 3rd G&D
Jun 57 Cover - G&D Shay #7
Latest photos of the Gorre & Daphetid
Dec 57 Trackside photo - G&D Shay #7
Varney ad
Dec 58 Operation on the Texas & Rio Grande Western Bill McClanahan
Varney ad
Jan 59 Trackside photo - G&D #34 at Sims loop
Varney ad
Feb 59 Track gang on the G&D
Bridges on the G&D Photo feature on 3rd G&D
Varney ad
Jul 61 Cover - Heisler #6 on Ryan Trestle
Yard switching, prototype style Whit Towers
Sep 61 A ticket to Tomahawk, please Cold Shoulder station
The beginning of a large railroad empire Long photo story on 3rd G&D
Mar 63 Cover - Sims loop
Concept and planning of the Gorre & Daphetid
Apr 63 Trackside photo - BULLINE 125 stock car
May 63 Realistic performance By Charles Douds with comments by John Allen
Jan 64 Locomotives with character GD and T&RGW locos pictured
Oct 65 Branchline water tank Jim Findley
Sep 66 Cover - Alturas coaling station
Fast freight LPA-1 on the Alturas & Lone Pine Whit Towers
Nov 66 Cover - small brick station
A small brick station (part 1) Daphetid station
Dec 66 A small brick station (part 2) Daphetid station
Aug 67 Cover - Great Divide engine terminal
AD: Far-West Models ALP boxcar
45 minutes at Eagle's Nest
May 68 Two-level station, attractive spacesaver Corsa/Cross Junction station
Sep 69 Product review - FSM HO engine house Based on Gorre engine house
Alturas depot and general offices Whit Towers
Jan 69 Cover - Port
Local passenger train over the Gorre & Daphetid Long photo run over complete layout
Signal tower for minimum space Jim Findley
Jan 70 Cover - Port
Trackside photo - Port
Car ferry Anabel
Apr 70 Kimchi Gas Works Port industry
Mar 71 Trackside photo - Andrews at night
Compressed gas factory Andrews industry
Sep 71 Beautiful unsullied steam Jim Findley
Nov 72 The Timesaver
Apr 73 Cover - John Allen & Squawbottom high bridge
John Allen death notis Long photo story by Linn H Westcott
Jun 78 Cover - Marquette Union Terminal Cliff Robinson
The Marquette Union Terminal RR. Cliff Robinson
Jan 80 Building a swaybacked freight station Jim Findley
Sep 80 A station for Clifton Jim Findley
Oct 80 Cover - Tioga coaling station
Building a T.W.Snow 25-ton coaling tower Jim Findley
Mar 81 Modeling Furlow's Slough Tioga Pass scenery by Malcom Furlow
May 81 Uranus no.2 mine Jim Findley
Aug 81 Designing and scratchbuilding a roundhouse Jim Findley
Dec 81 Cover - Squaw Creek high bridge
John Allen's Gorre & Daphetid Long story on 3rd G&D by Andy Sperandeo
Remembering John Allen by Glenn Beier
The Granger, Denrock & Southern Inspired by 3rd G&D
A solution to your short siding problems? Jim Findley
The art of using mirrors Long story about the mirrors on 3rd G&D by John Allen
Feb 82 Hobbyshop window - MDC G&D cars
Kitbash a log loader Jim Findley
Aug 82 Cover - Wind River gorge on the Tioga Pass
Tioga Pass: an operator's layout Jim Findley
Jan 83 Cover - Sonora station on the Alturas & Lone Pine
A Silver Anniversary visit: Alturas & Lone Pine R.R. Whit Towers
Feb 83 Operating the Alturas & Lone Pine R.R. Whit Towers
The Sierra & White River RR Adapted from 3rd G&D
May 83 Build a single-stall enginehouse Jim Findley
Oct 83 Eskew's Junkyard on the Tioga Pass Jim Findley
Nov 83 Spreckels station odyssey Daphetid station
Jan 89 Legendary layouts: John Allen's Gorre & Daphetid
Feb 90 Gorre & Daphetid in a French mirror Inspired by 1st G&D
Sep 92 Cover - Granger, Denrock & Southern Inspired by 3rd G&D
Farewell to the Granger, Denrock & Southern Inspired by 3rd G&D
Aug 96 John Allen's first model railroad
Oct 97 John Allen's diode triangles
Mar 99 Milestones in Model Railroading: John Allen's enginehouse
AD: RGS Limited Edition Trains G&D 40' Reefer 3510, 3516 & 3522
Along the Line looks back - The Alturas & Lone Pine
Jul 99 MR News: The last survivor Note on G&D 4-10-0 #34
Sep 99 MR News: Whit Towers death notis
Along the Line looks back - Jim Findley's Tioga Pass
Jan 03 Trackside photos - John Allen: the Wizard of Monterey

Railroad Model Craftsman

Sep 48 Cover - Gorre enginehouse
Oct 52 Cover - 2nd layout
Jun 53 Narrow gauge junction DG&H engine and wagon
Dec 53 Cover - "Backwoods Special" on 2nd layout
Nov 54 Go fly a kite
Oct 55 Sunset on the old G&D Story on 2nd G&D by Earl Cochrane
Nov 55 Sunrise on a new G&D Construction of 3rd G&D
Jan 56 Motive power on the Alturas & Lone Pine R.R. Whit Towers
Jun 59 A track plan for the Alturas & Lone Pine RR Whit Towers
Jan 62 The new Gorre & Daphetid - Bridges those gaps!
Sep 62 Last run of an old car - BULLINE 125 stock car
Jan 63 Robinson's Foundry Whit Towers
Aug 63 Single stall Engine House Whit Towers
Dec 65 Cover - Sim's Loop
Aug 67 Cover - Sim's Loop
Sep 67 Cover - #56 at Cutoff Switch
AD: Far-West Models ALP boxcar
Dec 67 Loco deck plates Whit Towers
Feb 70 Boomer trail - BULLINE packers at Port
Jun 70 Cover - Logging at Sowbelly
Dec 70 Steam Loco conversion quiz
Test track - FSM Two stall engine house Based on Gorre engine house
Feb 71 Boomer trail - G&D Pacific #56
Mar 71 Cover - G&D #60 with RMC #4 Ramsey out of Akin
RMC Fan Trip on the Gorre & Daphetid (part 1)
Apr 71 The conclusion of RMC's Fan Trip on the Gorre & Daphetid (part 2)
Oct 71 RMC Fan Trip on the ALP Whit Towers
Jan 72 25th anniversary of the Gorre & Daphetid
Mar 73 The hobby loses two greats John Allen death notis
Jul 76 RMC's Freedom Train tour visits the Alturas & Lone Pine
Nov 78 Oil servicing facility Jim Findley
Mar 79 McClanahan's Hundred Jim Findley
Jul 79 Handcar shed Jim Findley
Apr 80 Yard office and material-storage shed Jim Findley
Dec 80 Cover - Squawbottom high bridge
Sharing the Gorre & Daphetid
Remembering the Gorre & Daphetid (part 1) Long multi part story by Jim Findley
Reflections on John Tony Koester
Feb 81 Remembering the Gorre & Daphetid (part 2)
Apr 81 Remembering the Gorre & Daphetid (part 3)
Jun 81 Remembering the Gorre & Daphetid (part 4)
Aug 81 Remembering the Gorre & Daphetid (part 5)
Sep 81 Cover - Texas & Rio Grande Western RR Bill McClanahan
Texas & Rio Grande Western revisited Bill McClanahan
Oct 81 Cover - G&D #42
John Allen: the man behind the legend Jim Findley
Feb 82 AD - MDC Gorre & Daphetid 2nd series
Test track - FSM The John Allen Special Gorre engine house, water tower, station & blacksmith
AD - FSM John Allen Special
Mar 83 Cover - drawing of John Allen & Squawbottom high bridge
Twin tanks at Wind River Jim Findley
Aug 84 Hawley Supply: Building a small-space industry Jim Findley
Sep 00 GD Line section house Ron Foreman

NMRA Bulletin

May 53 Scenery & Structures picture by John Allen
Dec 54 Parts salvaged: Gorre & Daphetid will rise again, bigger and better Dismantling of 2nd G&D
May 67 End of a Model Railroad - the Gorre & Daphetid
The Alturas and Lone Pine Special Whit Towers
Nov 70 Cover - Texas Draw
Smoke and Railroads
Car Lighting for your Roundhosue Caboose Whit Towers
Dec 70 How fast did that Heisler go?
Nov 71 Cover - Devil's Gulch
How large is a model RR layout?
Jun 72 How large is a model railroad layout?
Feb 72 Pike pix - Great Divide engine terminal
Apr 74 Bulletin car sides show up ... again Whit Towers
Mar 77 Pike pix - G&D #13 Emma
Mar 80 Beyond Great Divide - A John Allen trackplan
Sep 80 Olde Frothingslosh Brewery Whit Towers
Dec 80 Cover - Cold Shoulder
Create your own Christmas cards Whit Towers
The GD Line car sides

Other resources

Railroad Modeler, Oct 1975
"The Editor Calls On The Editor", Whit Tower's Alturas and Lone Pine
Model Railroading, Jun 1988
"Whit Towers' Alturas & Lone Pine RR"
"Who Needs Walk-Around Control?", Whit Towers On Walk-Around Control
"Operations on The Alturas & Lone Pine RR by Timetable"
Great Model Railroads, 1993
"Four milestone model railroads", Short G&D story with panorama shot towards Cold Shoulder
Layout Design Journal, Summer 1997
"Layout Design Lessons from John Allen"

To learn more about Gorre & Daphetid I recommend the book:
'Model Railroading with John Allen' by Linn H Westcott.
It was published by Kalmbach Books but is out of print.
It can still be found elsewhere, ISBN: 0-89024-559-2.

There's also a video featuring Gorre & Daphetid from Sunday River Productions.
The picture material is great and mostly unique but the speaker is dull.
Much of the facts are straight from the above book and sometimes the different layouts are confused.

Additional information can be found on internet and her are two of my favorite links:
yahoo groups/GandD
Jeff's Gorre & Daphetid Tribute Page