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WHAT "OBJECTIVE CHRISTIANITY" IS: Ordinary Christianity is likened unto the wandering of the Children of Israel in the wilderness, hoping to get to the Promised Land some Day, but in reality, going nowhere near to going into it.
Objective Christianity teaches the making of progress by the attainment of specific goals.

The "OBJECTIVE" of this brand of Christianity is to restore Human beings to their full status that is their Divine Birthright- if they will allow me to guide them. I believe that I have a Way. No one else has this Way. I hate to say that I have something others do not, or that I am better than any one else. These are the facts. Let others worry about useless comparisons.

OBJECTIVE CHRISTIANITY TEACHES that the Original Gospel was lost when Jesus' Disciples- all of them- decided to betray their Lord, Master and Saviour and refused utterly to teach anyone, Jew or Gentile, The Gospel that he died delivering. This was the greatest act of High Treason against God since The Fall of Man and the Ascension of Satan. The fragments of The Gospel in Matthew, Mark, and Luke only came out after Peter and Paul- the two great suppressors of The Truth, died (around AD 60) and thousands had been heartlessly sent to a Christless Damnation they thought was Christianity, but which wasn't. John, dismayed that the Conspiracy of "The Apostles" was about to be exposed, wrote his corrupt "Gospel" to counteract their influence. His hatred is manifest in his closing remark, that he could have buried the World in books about Jesus, but would not tell us everything Jesus had commanded him to tell us. He never even mentions those Commandments where Jesus explicitly commanded him and his fellow "Apostles" to tell the World everything he had taught them (-including the commandment never to use fancy titles). He is our Enemy, not our friend. Two thousand years of corrupt Bible Church leaders and Bible teachers have found it "worth their while" not to declare the alarm, that The Enemy has invaded the Camp, and that The Lord has been betrayed by those most trusted, both by Jesus and by The Church. Jesus gave Peter The Keys to The Kingdom of Heaven, and Peter immediately handed them over to Satan. This is faithfully recorded for all who have eyes to see to see for themselves.

OBJECTIVE CHRISTIANITY TEACHES that the fragments of The Gospel found in The Bible are the Foundation upon which all learning of the Truth must be based. With what little of Jesus' Words we have, we can obtain all spiritual Truth from sources inside and outside The Bible and Bible-based Religion.

OBJECTIVE CHRISTIANITY TEACHES that there is Opposition to our development from Human and spiritual (quote) Agents of Satan (unquote). This Path is not for the frivolous. This is War, and we are Soldiers!


JOHN 14: 12.

12. "Verily, verily, I say unto you,
'He that believeth on me,
the works that I do shall he do also;'
and greater works than these shall he do;
because I go unto my Father."

It is very important to have goals when one is on a journey, otherwise one might lose track of the progress to be made and somehow never arrive. If one thinks that one is a Believer on Jesus, and yet one cannot work the works of Jesus, then one is less than the Specified, and therefore attaining that point must become a goal. There are many so-called Christians who have never attained this status and ability in their lives. These have died incomplete, and for nothing, over the course of centuries. This is a terrible thing. But they lived all their lives in defiance of The Will of God, and attended to everything in life except for their duty before God.

Objective Christianity intends to help everyone break out of this trap.
Much important knowledge has been lost and is no longer to be found in The Bible, if it ever was there. For instance, Jesus taught many parables- possibly thousands, covering, surely, every aspect of life in The Kingdom of Heaven and probably all the fundamental spiritual power secrets.
Only about forty survive in The Bible. Jesus interpreted every parable to his Disciples in private, but then commanded them to tell what he had taught them to the World. There is no evidence that they ever did this. What evidence exists strongly suggests that they did not, but attempted to make sure that no one but them would ever know what Jesus of Nazareth really taught.
There are those who deny this simple truth, claiming that they speak for the good of the Believers whom they influence and control, but their motives do not derive from honesty. They weaken believers so that they can control them. They seek to limit the power of Born Again Christians by divorcing them from their main power source- the keeping of the Commandments of God by Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus' Disciples treacherously tried to die without revealing them, and this can be proven by a simple study of first the New Testament, specifically The Book of Acts, and then the Apocrypha, which gives the history of The Early Church. The teachings of the so-called "Apostles" (and the adoption of that title itself is a violation of Jesus' Teachings!) are remarkably devoid of true substance, unlike the authoritative pronouncements of Jesus. All of his Parables are lacking- that is to say, were they truly representing Jesus, they should have quoted him at every point- "Jesus says this-, " "We believe such-and-such, because Jesus said-," "Jesus has explained that- ." Nobody in 1900 years seems to have noticed that Jesus' Disciples did not teach Jesus' Gospel because the Churches have invariably been made up of people who merely wanted to USE JESUS to get Salvation, but who were NOT INTERESTED in doing what JESUS wanted! What a travesty.

There is no argument to persuade people to see things "my way."
You will see as I see because you can see, or else you will not see what I see, because you cannot see- period!
If you cannot see that all alternative paths of interpreting The Bible are wrong, then I am sorry for you.
If you cannot see that I am right, then what do you see? You must see something!
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I am, however, fully confident that my Doctrine is fully airtight, and no one can successfully criticize it without showing themselves up to be prime examples of hypocrites.

"Objectivism," as understood by me, is the philosophy of thinking in Principles, and so logically knowing the right thing to do, and what the wrong things to avoid doing are.

I had attained this level of operation as a Christian after a Spiritual Breakthrough experience I had about the fourth year after I was "saved," as we conceitedly called it. Since there was no one in any of the Churches I knew who had such an experience, though several pretended to, I had no way of evaluating what had happened to me, until I was able to encounter further spiritual instruction outside The Church.



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