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Along with my list of used brass instruments for sale, this website is
intended to show my work and interests that I have spent over 30 years
developing.  I have a passion for learning and sharing the history of the
brass instrument industry and the instruments that they produced.  I will
continue adding content here and thinking of new ways of discovering
and sharing information.  The last navigation link below takes you to a
page of links to other web sites that I find interesting and informative
where you can learn much about brass musical instruments and their
makers.  There are also links to sites of other repairmen that are doing
excellent work.

The information presented here is mostly for your entertainment and
education and for my desire to share my interests.  It is less for
promotion of my services, since I have had no excess capacity for many
years.  I work only on brass (cup mouthpiece) instruments and no
woodwind (reed) or other instruments.  In the course of my business, I
can often get smaller jobs done within days or weeks.  My backlog of
larger jobs, which includes restoring and refinishing instruments is close
to two years.  Since I only spend a small portion of my time custom
building historic reproductions and other such projects, the backlog for
these is usually even longer.  Due to physical limitations brought on by
the passing years in the shop, I can no longer make the larger
instruments.  I must also be selective in taking on major restoration of
larger instruments.

The bulk of my business is repairing and maintaining  brass instruments
for my customers.  In the course of this work, I try to educate these
instrument owners on how to maintain the mechanics with proper
cleaning and lubrication.  I can't stress too strongly that good habits will
not only facilitate the best performance today, but keep the instrument in
good order for many years to come.  
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This is a new website that is under construction; please be patient with
the ragged edges.  I will continue to update my list of used brass
instruments for sale at the start of each week.  At some future date, I
will include photos of some of these.
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