Planet Earth:
Hardwired for Destruction

"Hot tip: Invest in 'Disaster Capitalism.' This new investment sector is the
core of the emerging "new economy" that generates profits by feeding off other peoples' misery:
Wars, terror attacks, natural catastrophes, poverty, trade sanctions, market crashes
and all kinds of economic, financial and political disasters."

- Paul B. Farrell, Dow Jones Business News

Our planet, inhabited by a wicked and destructive civilization, is now hardwired for destruction.

Tens of thousands of nuclear weapons stand ready to be launched at a moments notice, millions perish annually for lack of food, shelter and basic sanitation, while disease, famine and pestilence ravage the lives of millions more.

Global Warming threatens to disrupt growing cycles, increase temperatures, expand insect and disease vectors, produce a rise in ocean levels, increase flooding and droughts, and generally disrupt the lives of countless plants, animals and human beings- not to mention the long term damage it will do to the biospshere.

Global population rates are completely out of control with global population already at a staggering 7 billion and growing. This adds more people to the planet, but it also produces greater annual water consumption, greater levels of air, water and soil pollution and waste, as well as produces a drastic increase in non-renewable natural resources use.

As well, our collective quality of life suffers greater still, with increased levels of anger, rage and frustration on the increase due to urban sprawl and the sheer number of people coming into contact with one another on an ever decreasing land base. The automobile grid-lock getting to and from work is enough of a frustration problem most people can barely come to grips with, let alone mentally and psychologically survive.

Planned or not, this is the current global state of affairs for mankind. It is, to state the obvious, a disaster of monumental proportions, slated to only get worse as the forces of technology and hatred grow to eventually and inevitably culminate in the total and complete destruction of the planet and its inhabitants in the very fullness of time.

Add the factor of religion into this swirling and volatile mess and you have the recipe for violent confrontations, mass genocide and unparalleled ecological destruction just waiting in the wings. As most may or may not know, fundamentalist religions have been responsible for the greatest levels of mass murder and universal suffering the world has ever known to date.

Either by historical matriculation, fate of luck (or bad luck), lack of proper evolutionary development, cultivation of unhealthy diets, cultural deficiencies and/or by way of the general wickedness of the human heart, humanity now stands at the threshold of its own complete extermination and annihilation in space/time. Its a haunting pinnacle to have reached over excruciating millenia of slow human progress, however, this is undoubtedly the current state of affairs as things stand today.

Actually, in truth, all of this has been foreseen and described beforehand in holy scripture. We are engaged in a cosmic spiritual war between divine intelligences battling for the souls of men and the future of our planet. It is a War between God and the Devil (Satan), with the devil gaining the upper hand in these last and evil days. But God shall eventually triumph at the end when all is fullfilled. Yes, great human and biospheric destruction is at hand, but so is great salvation and fullfillment of divine purpose. Mankind and the Earth shall be transformed as new in the twinkling of an eye.

Steve Jones
aka- Jonas the Prophet
Boulder, Colorado