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Vaisnava Reminder

Welcome to the homesite of Vaisnava Reminder project - the software aimed to be personal information assistant of anyone in Krishna's devotee community. Though I tried to make it as simple as possible, it gives you a lot of power to store and manage your records of to-do tasks, events and diary.

The software has built-in generator of vaisnava calendar and panchang, so you can get events for your own place of living in less than a minute, and if you travel you can easily regenerate it for another place.

It quietly sits in the system tray and alerts you when needed. Have you ever missed Ekadasi due to poor memory? Now it won't be so easy to forget it with fasting alerts.

And it is 100% free - no limitation on using and sharing or registration required as long as you agree to the terms specified in license. If you like the software and wish to support it's further development please visit donation page. If you can't - just drop me a letter with your blessings. It also helps.

So please enjoy the program and use the saved time for your favorite reading, chanting and association with other devotees.


Freeware License

The full version can be read here. To be concise, you have to agree not to use Vaisnava Reminder for commercial purposes (like charging money for software or documents which it produces), not to blame author for any loss of information or damage made due to malfunctioning of software.

It is unlikely that it will make a damage your data, but if you want to store extremely important information remember - the program is in alpha stage of development, so it needs some testing yet. If you find any bugs or glitches, please report to author so it could be fixed in the next version.


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I would highly recommend you to subscribe to Vaisnava Reminder announcements, so you could be immediately informed of any updates and new versions available.

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