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Little biography

Oleh photo

Hare Krishna, my name is Oleh Demchenko and I'm just one of that fortunate souls who appeared on the way of Hare Krishna movement. I became a devotee in 1990, in the time of falling USSR and appearance of country Ukraine, where I'm still living. ISKCON was new and young that days, so I had quite a big variety of experience in growing in vaisnava world. I served as a Prabhupada's book distributor in my native city, a potwasher in Almviks Gard for almost a year, a builder of the temple in St.Petersburg, a computer science teacher in Mayapur for some months and so on.

Now I'm 30 years old, settled down in my native Mykolaiv city, raising two little kids and working as a system administrator in a huge supermarket. Also currently I'm completing my education in university, which was abandoned in the times of fanatic faith and false renunciation.


Creation of Vaisnava Reminder

Having a lack of devotee association, I felt an urge to be noticed in the vaisnava community. I had to make something worthy for others, and in the same time I've got an idea to make a combination of vaisnava calendar program with PIM or organizer-like software. So I thought it would be nice to call it Vaisnava Reminder.

Using Internet, I've collected some information on panchang calculation principles, and ephemeris generation. I've got a source code for free astronomical library by Mark Huss. And there was of Markandeya Rishi Prabhu on how vaisnava calendar is created. Though there were no clear algorithms, with assistance of additional information it helped me to make generation of vaisnava calendar practically identical to what VCAL was producing. (Honestly I guess my software is more precise since Moon nutation and deltaT is calculated better, and some bugs are avoided which sometimes happen in VCAL).

The rest of time I've been developing GUI for software and programmed all other enhanced features like lists of to-do tasks and events, alerts, different options and so on. It was not made quickly due to my busy schedule with work and family. But now it's finally done. For programming I used Dev C++ with MinGW compiler and FLTK library, because of their free GPL license. I thank authors for contribution of these great tools.


My plans

I have plans to improve Vaisnava Reminder for a better look and feel, to translate it to several languages - probably soon I'll make a Russian version. Some day I'll port it to Linux platform. If you wish to help with design and translations - please contact me.