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Donate with E-gold, Webmoney or StormPay

The best and most reliable way to send donations is E-gold money transfer. There are many providers who could exchange your currency into e-gold. Please transfer your sum to my account 1663127.

Donate Now with e-gold...

If you have no e-gold account yet, get a new account here.

For Webmoney users, my Z-wallet for US dollars is Z363903353177 and R-wallet for Roubles R962461417641.


Other money transfer systems

There is a number of other money tranfer systems in the world. If you would prefer it, contact me and I'll see if I can open an account. Note that I can't use PayPal, Moneybookers since they are not working in Ukraine. Western Union works perfectly but charges good percents, so usable only for large (>50$) donations.

Non-monetary donations

If you can't send money - no problem. Honey and ghee as well as your blessings and good wishes are also accepted.