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News - Aug 24, 2008

After a couple of years, new version 0.65b of Vaisnava Reminder is available for your update. The project is developing rather slow, since I cannot afford to give it much of my time. Still, somehow I managed to make several useful features available in new version:

Revision of calendar code. Though old version was pretty stable, there were few mistakes in dates calculatiom, concerning Govardhava Puja and a couple of other vaisnava events. Now it's much more accurate - for several months I've not find any bug yet, so it's highly advicable to make update to the new version.

Updates of DST changes. Several countries on the Earth - including USA and Canada has changes the rules on how the Daylight Savings Time is calculated each year, so I've updated the rules for them accordingly. Also fixed a bug which caused incorrect break fast time values in several cases. For this reason, again, I would highly recommend to switch to new version.

Removed Time Synchronization feature. It proved to be too unstable and unnecessary, as internet time synchronization is embedded in all new versions of Windows.

Added choice of Muhurta time calculation method. One devotee send me a link on very interesting discussion on how muhurta is calculated in VCAL. Shyamasundara Prabhu, the author of VCAL calendaric calculations, insisted that the program containes a big flaw due to muhurta was considered a variable value instead of fixed. I'll not give here much details on this - you can read about this controvercy in web forums. But Syamasundara Prabhu's arguments were sound highly reasonable for me, so I added it as an option for calculations. The default value is still variable muhurta (for compatibility with VCAL), but I personally started to use fixed muhurta, so it's up to you what to choose.

Added silent alerts. That's for those devotees, who need only visual notification. Check it in Options page. By the way, I swapped some sounds for alerts, I hope you don't mind. If you want, you can customize sound on for your own, just need to replace wav files in "sounds" directory.

New Events set for BTI. Several months ago devotees from Srila Narayana Maharaja's Math wrote me that they needed a set of events different from that one which is produced by VCAL for ISKCON. I tried to make it - so please evaluate and check if it ok. You can select it in Options page - click on BTI (Bhaktivedanta Trust International).

Export to iCalendar format. This is new neat feature, which helps you to export to this popular inter-application format, so you may import it to your groupware or calendar program. It's somewhat experimental, but it worked for me to import calendar to Microsoft Outlook and Evolution. I hope it will be compatible with other applications too, and will wait for your feedback.

Improved compatibility. I checked the program to be compatible with Vista 32-bit. It worked fine as for me, no difference with XP. Possibly you'll need to update security permissions for program folder if you're using non-admin account. Also, I compiled a special version for running in Linux with Wine. Works pretty good, maybe I'll post a screenshot of that :) And it may even work on MacOS.

Other minor changes. Most of them are minor cosmetic changes in the interface. You'll barely notice them, I just tried to improve the design slightely. No skin support yet, sorry. Hopefully the program will grow to this stage. :)

So that was about changes in Vaisnava Reminder v0.65b. About my personal life - I've changed a job for a better one, now working for Canadian outsourcing company in my city in Ukraine, as a remote system administrator. During this time I passed few certifications - got Cisco CCNA, Juniper JNCIA-ER and Microsoft MCP. Also got a Computer Sciences bachelor diploma with honours, and working on completion of my education in university. The life is somewhat difficult to do all roles simultaneusly - be a dad, be a student, be an IT professional and be at some level of Krishna followers servant. Not everything I do well and perfectly. But that's definitely better than having no aim. :) So thank you for giving me some level of motivation. Some devotees wanted to donate to the project but the money tranfer was not obvious enough. I'm checking iKobo service - it should be as easy as Paypal, if you still wish to gift a small donation, write me, I'll keep you updated. But in any case I still need your blessings and good wishes. Hare Krishna and happy Janmastami.

News - Mar 17, 2006

New version 0.55a of Vaisnava Reminder is ready for use. Here you may see what changed:

Added multi-language support. Now you Vaisnava Reminder can be customized to display everything in your native language (or dialect). So far I have prepared Russian language file, and most probably Spanish version will be also available soon. Advanced users may try to make their own language files, if you need any instructions on this matter please contact me.

Added the descriptions of Vaisnava events and Ekadasis. Double- click now on the record at Events page and it will show you small description of event. Note that double-clicking on your custom events still opens the edit window. You may also check description of event when appropriate alert comes. Click on "more details" at the bottom and you're getting the same description.

Corrected calendar calculations. As you may know Vaisnava Calendar 4.01 has several bugs and mistakes as VCAL GBC page says. My program was made on the same principles which I could derive from Markandeya Rishi Prabhu material so several minor mistakes were repeated which are now corrected. Specifically, ksaya tithi observance changed on the solar day which has its sunrise just after that tithi ends (vriddhi tithi worked fine); changed occurance of Gundica Marjana and Ganga Sagara Mela (festival of Jagannatha Misra was shown correctly); corrected occurance of Radhastami; also fixed small bug which cause VR to fail during Govardhana Puja.

Fixed bugs which showned incorrect Var in panchang and Weekday at Diary page. Also I fixed a number of minor bugs that didn't influence on showing correct data. Performed some code optimization for less disk usage. Now if your Window get crushed and explorer is respawning, VR keeps going and doesn't crash.

Added a pick-date popup mini-calendar on To-do and Events record editor. Should be fairly easy to use. Also, in the Calendar page you see the Gregorian date which is currently selected.

In Export funcion added a pick-date for setting beginning and ending of export range.. For more customization of export.

Thanks for your blessings dear devotees, that you gifted me. It helped me a lot to keep going. Unfortunately I can't fulfill all desires like adding skins, musical support etc. First reason it's not always looks practical, and second I really have not much time for that. As an observation, I have received not a single penny in donations for project. That doesn't change my attitude to keep it free and see it as a service to devotees, but it's a bit disappointing and makes me think that my software is not of much value. Also it pushes me to focus more on current job and education. Maybe I'll get one day another job which would allow me more time and less thinking about money. But currently I'm working at least 10 hours per day, 6 day per week to earn just around 200 dollars per month and this is main source of our family budget - my wife takes care of kids and house. So please forgive me that I can't afford a domain in commercial web-zone and can't purchase a Pocket PC phone to make ports for that or other platform.

News - Sep 13, 2005

Small bug fixed - Vaisnava Reminder showed Var in panchang wrongly. If you're already using Vaisnava Reminder 0.50a, please exit the program and replace vreminder.exe.

News - Sep 9, 2005

All users from Calcutta - please check that your timezone should be 5.5, not -5.5

News - Sep 8, 2005

Fixed installation error - the sitelist.vrd file was missing which disabled place search option. Now it is fixed, so either download setup again or separate file sitelist.vrd and put it into Vaisnava Reminder directory.