Hawaiian Music Lyrics & Chords
Updated: Spring, 2000

By learning the meaning of the words,
your Hawaiian cultural experience - be it hula or song --
is bound to be more inspired and meaningful!

By far, the most extensive collection of Hawaiian songs with English translations is:

Huapala: Hawaiian Music and Hula Archives

On-Site URLs:

Off-Site URLs:

Sheet Music Resources:

Hawaiian Music Midi Files:

A special mahalo to the those above, who have devoted countless hours of time and effort in creating their lyrics, sheet music, and midi websites, besides the concentrated effort and patience that is required to transcribe and translate the lyrics, so others may enjoy Hawaiian music more fully. They are true Spirits of Aloha.

Ka A`o Loko - Inspiration

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May Your Hula Brilliantly Shine with the Light of The Aloha Spirit!

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