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Sydney 2000 Sponsor Pins Index I

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First Visa Sydney 2000
Visa Sydney 2000 with new logo
Visa Sydney 2000 with color border
Westpac Bronze Sydney 2000
Westpac Silver Sydney 2000
Westpac Bank Staff Launch Pin
Westpac Community 2000 White Oval Pin
Westpac Olympic Journey Pin
Westpac Reserved Seating Sydney 2000 Pin


David Jones Special Release Pewter Pin
UPS Opera House Sydney 2000
Visa Boomerangs Pin
Westpac Champion Team Challenge Pewter Pin
Westpac Champion Team
IBM Square Polished Sydney 2000 Pin
Arthur Anderson Sydney 2000
Clipsal Sydney 2000 Provider Pin
UPS Australia Continent Pin
Panasonic Classic Gold Pin


Kodak Opera House Sydney 2000 Pin
Kodak Classic Gold Logo Pin
BHP Truss Sydney 2000 Pin
General Motors, Holden Sydney 2000 Pin
Clipsal Sydney 2000
Traveland Sydney 2000 Pin
Adeco Sydney 2000 Pin
Bonlac Sydney 2000 Pin
Fosters Flag Sydney 2000 Sponsor Pin
Fosters' Logo Sydney 2000 Sponsor Pin


Coca Cola Team Millenium Partner bid Pin
Coca Cola Classic Gold Sydney 2000 Pin
Coca Cola Oval Sydney 2000 SOCOG Pin
Coca Cola Oval Sydney 2000 Pin
McDonalds Olympic no Color Olympic Pin
McDonalds Olympic Color Olympic Pin
McDonalds Sydney 2000 Pin
Ansett 1000 Day to Go Pin
Ansett Jumbo Jet Pin
Ansett Bronze Square Sydney 2000 Pin
Ansett Silver Square Sydney 2000 Pin
Ansett Logo Sydney 2000 Pin


Xerox Opera House Sydney 2000
Fuji Xerox Pewter Sydney 2000
Fuji Xerox "1000 Days to Go" Pin
Panasonic Bell Sydney 2000
Westfield Shopping Town Flag Pin
Westfield Shopping Town "1000 day to go" Pin
Energy Australia Tower Down
Energy Australia Blue Square Pin
Energy Australia Gold Oval Pin
Energy Australia Black Ovals Pin


AMP Gymnast Sydney 2000
AMP Gymnast Sydney 2000
AMP Gymnast Paralympic Pin
AMP Centerpoint "The Athletes Games" Blinking Pin
AMP "Home, Car, Business Insurance" Pin
AMP Key Sydney 2000 Pin
AMP Tower Sydney 2000
AMP Gold Classic Sydney 2000
AMP "See you in Sydney" Pin
AMP Mascots Pin


Telstra Phonecard Pin Set Sydney 2000
Telstra Crossed Flags Sydney 2000 Pin
Samsung Australia Square Pin
Samsung Australia Round Pin
Samsung Australia Shield Pin
IBM Australia Mat Silver Pin
IBM Australia White Oval Pin
Benson House Official Licensee Pewter Pin
Reebok Blue/Silver Sydney 2000 Pin
Reebok Reversed Sydney 2000 Pin
Line7 Sailing Pin


Energy Paralympic pin, number 850253
"Pin Champion" Pin, number 850472
Westpac Gold (1999) Pin, number 711884
IBM Gold AOC pin, number 814632
IBM Silver AOC pin, number 814622
IBM Mascots Group pin, number 814612
IBM Millie pin, number 814572
John Hancock Two Torches pin
John Hancock Red Oval pin
John Hancock Australia pin
John Hancock Blue Circle pin


Xerox Round "X" Sydney 2000 Pin
Xerox Australia Continent Sydney 2000 Pin
AMP Round Tower "Business Insurance" Pin
AGC Gold Classic Sydney 2000
AGC Olympic Journey Pin
AGC Nest Egg Sydney 2000 Pin set
Pewter Panasonic TV Screen Moving pin
Pewter IBM Folding Thinkpad pin
AGC Bronze Australian Map pin, number 850393
UPS Gold pin, number 814392
ACG Staff Launch pin, number 610252
Greg Norman Olympic Fundrasing Day Pin, number 850702


Westpac Opera House Pin for IOC
Westpac Management Logo Launch
AMP Gold "Official Partner" Pin
BHP Blue Pin
BHP Gold Pin
BHP Blue/Black Pin
UPS Truck & Opera House Pin
Westfield Shoppingtowns Gold Classic Pin
AT&T Gold Medal Pin, Made by Aminco International
AT&T Flame Pin, Made by Aminco International
Coca Cola Antique Gold Classic Pin, number 812573
Adecco Red Sun Pin, number 814682


IBM Champions Pin
IBM Discus Blue Internal Pin
IBM Discus Bronze Internal Pin
IBM Discus Silver Internal Pin
IBM Discus Gold Internal Pin
AMP Torch Relay pin, Number 850012
Westpac OLympic Ticket Award pins
Westfield Mascots Pin, Number 91205
AGC Mascots Pin, Number 850403
Visa Gold "Worldwide Partner" Pin
Fuji Xerox Staff pin, Pin Number 91901
MGICA "AMP" Gold Clasic pin, Pin Number 850143


AMP Pure Gold pin with five Diamonds
UPS Sydney 2000 Founders Day pin, Dated 08.28.98
UPS Sydney 2000 Mascots pin
BHP Helmet Millie pin
BHP Helmet Millie "SPP" pin
BHP Helmet Syd pin
BHP Helmet Syd "SPP" pin
BHP Helmet Olly pin
BHP Helmet Olly "SPP" pin
Silver Telstra Sydney 2000 Oly pin
Sydney 2000, AMP Champion pin, Number 850073
Challenge Bank Pin, made by Aminco, Pin Number 850092


Streets Flag Sydney 2000 Pin, Pin number 813062
Streets AOC Pin, Pin number 814031
Streets AOC Pin, Pin number 814041
Streets AOC Pin, Pin number 814051
Streets AOC Pin, Pin number 814061
Set of five Swatch Sydney 2000 Pins, Pin number 813722
Lindemans Wine Bolttle Pin, Pin number 91601
Sydney 2000 TAFE pin, made by Aminco, pin number 814293
Sydney 2000 Blue Cross pin
Sydney 2000 David Jones Executives Pin
Ansett Boarding Pin, Pin number 850043


John Hancock Sydney 2000 Pin, Pin number P.I.N.S. 6175581575
Bonlac Food Antique Pin made by Trofe, Pin number 90602
Two tone rectangualr Silver AMP Pin, Pin number 812752
AMP Olly Basketball Pin, Pin number 814742
AMP Millie Swimming Pin, Pin number 814752
AMP Syd Sailing Pin, Pin number 814762
Foster's Gold Sydney 2000 Pin, Pin number 814813
Our Journey Begins Pin
BHP Silver Cutout Pin, number 850133
Dunlop Gold Pin, Pin number 812994
Kodak Sydney 2000 Pin, Pin number 90902
Holden Gold Cutout Pin, pin number 814893


UPS Sydney 2000 Pin
UPS Truck Pin, Pin number 814402
Visa "Road to Sydney" Pin, made by Aminco USA
Kodak Gold "Road to Sydney" Pin, number 90901
Xerox Millie Harbor Bridge pin
Xerox Syd Opera House Bridge pin
Xerox Olly Copier pin
Telstra Paralympic Pin, number 91001
Enrest & Young "AOC accountant" Pin, number 850623
AMP "Sign for the Dream" Pin, number 950903
Second Line 7 moving Sailing Boat Pin
Black "Westfield 1000 Days to Go" Pin


AMP Couldron Pin, number 950874
AMP Couldron Truck Pin, number 950913
Bank of Melbourne Gold Pin, number 850023
Bank of Melbourne Silver Pin, number 850023
Telstra Gold Pin, number 813033
Carlson Promotional Partners Pin, made by Aminco
IBM Thinkpad Antique Bronze Pin
Cash's Aminco Licensee Pin, number 850462
Second Benson House Licensee Pin
Third Benson House Licensee Pin
Energy Australia Moving Fan pin, number 950893
Energy Australia Last Tower Down pin, number 813062


Swatch 505 Days to Go Pin, made by Aminco, number 951192
Coke Sydney 2000 Pin, made by Trofe, number 91801
Kodak Bronze Pin, made by Trofe, number 90902
Kodak 500 Days to Go Countdown Clock Pin, number 90905
Third Line 7 Sailing Pin, number 951001
Westfield 500 Days to Go Countdown Pin
IBM Syd Pin, number 814582
IBM Olly Pin, number 814592
IBM Gold Classic Pin, number 850433
Fosters Gold Classic Pin, number 814823


Panasonic Olympic Ring Pin
Panasonic Sydney 2000 Pin
Panasonic Sydney 2000 Torch Pin
Panasonic Mascots Opera House Pin
Panasonic Olly Basketball Pin
Panasonic Syd Baseball Pin
Panasonic Millie Gymnastics Pin
Panasonic Mascots Australia Puzzle Pins set
Challenge Bank of Western Australia Pin, number 813922
Line 7 Jacket pin, number 951623
Telstra Silver Teams pin set, number 850354
Traveland 500 Days to Go pin, number 951393


AMP Rowing puzzle set frame
AMP Cauldron Truck "Ignite the Dream" tour Pin, number 950913
AMP Hurdling Towards 2000 pin, number 950803
AMP Stretching Towards 2000 pin, number 950813
AMP Sailing Towards 2000 pin, number 950843
AMP Gold Home, Car, Business Insurance pin, number 850633
AMP Paralympic Lizzie Pewter Pin, number 950913
Xerox Red Australia Map Pin, number 91902
Fuji Xerox Classic Sydney 2000 Pin, number 91903
Xerox Opera House Pin, number 91904
Fuji Xerox 500 Days to Go Pin, number 91905
Air New Zealand Pin, number 92001


AMP Champion Bronze pin, number 850553
AMP Red Home, Car, Business Insurance pin, number 951513
MGICA, 21st Annual AICUM Conference pin, number 950762
Energy Australia Olympic Stadium Tour pin, number 850052
Davenport Boxer Short pin, number 92601
ICON Sydney 2000 Supporter pin, number 850203
John Hancock Gold Opera House pin
Fuji Xerox pin, number 90432
McDonald Map pin
McDonald VIP pin
McDonald World pin, made by Aminco International
McDonald Mascots on World pin


McDonald Syd pin
McDonald Millie pin
McDonald Olly pin
Ronald McDonald pin
McDonald Hamburgler pin
McDonald Bag pin
McDonald Syd Chips pin
McDonald Mascots Group pin
McDonald Shield pin
McDonald Sydney/Australia pin
McDonald Map/Pictograms pin
McDonald World/Stars pin
McDonald Koala pin


Ansett Australia pin, number 90103
Thai Air pin, number 90104
South African Airline pin, number 90105
Malaysia Airline pin, number 90106
Air New Zealand pin, number 90107
Lufthansa pin, number 90108
United Airlines pin, number 90109
AMP Champion Sterling Silver pin, number 850542
UPS Mascot Australia Map Three-Pin Puzzle Set pin
UPS Boomerang Sydney 2000 pin
UPS Opera House - Harbour Bridge pin
UPS Map - Koala - Kangaroo pin


Swatch 404 Days to Go Pin, number 952212
Telstra Paralymlpic pin, number 91002
Lindeman's Wine Bottle Opener pin, number 951023
Lindemans Wine Glass Pin, number 91602
Xerox 400 Days to Go pin, number 91903
Xerox Enviroment pin, number 91906
Xerox Syd pin, number 91907
BHP Mascots Flag pin, number 951553
Val Morgen Cinema Advertising pin, number 850483
Val Morgen pin, number 951312
IBM Sydney 2000 Classic Gold pin, number 850483
IBM Sydney 2000 Classic Silver pin, number 850483


Swatch Watch Pin, number 8-50530-3
Westfield Swimming Pin, number 91201
Streets Opera House AOC Pin, number 92201
Streets AOC Pin, number 92203
Sleepmakers 500 Days to Go Pin, number 92102
Ernest & Young AOC Accountants pin, number 935073
Westpac Gold Square pin, number 950933
Westpac Australia Map Puzzle pin, number 951273
Arthur Andersen Balck pin, number 950943
Traveland Gold Oval pin, number 951223
BHP Lighting Tower pin, number 951203
BHP Olympic Stadium pin, number 951373


MAGICA Red Square pin, number 951483
Clipsal Horizontal pin, number 951523
Tafe Gold and Black pin, number 951894
Keith Gamble Handkerchiefs pin
Telstra Bronze pin, number 951243
Kodak Mascots 3D pin, number 90903
Kodak Mascots Film pin, number 90904
Streets Icecream Lion pin, number 92204
Ansett Terminal pin, number 952312
Kodak Worldwide Partner, Olly pin
Kodak Worldwide Partner, Syd pin
Kodak Worldwide Partner, Millie pin


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