S ydney P in F ever

Aminco USA, Sydney 2000 Pins Index

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SOG-1009 - Harbour Bridge
SOG-1008 - Bridge & Opera House
SOG-1007 - Oval Track
SOG-1006 - Swirling Pattern
SOG-1005 - Australia 2-Tone Map
SOG-1004 - Logo on Yacht
SOG-1003A - Colorful Logo Cut Out
SOG-1001A - Gold Logo on Silver Oval
SOG-1001B - Black Logo on Silver Oval
SOG-1001C - Blue Logo on Silver Oval Pin


SOG-5003 - Oversized Mascot Globe Pin
SOG-SS001 - Three-pin Mascot Set
SOG-1014 - Braille Welcome
SOG-1015 - Braille Sydney 2000
SOG-1016 - Braille Syd
SOG-1017 - Braille Millie
SOG-1018 - Braille Olly
Revolving 500 Day/ 499 Night Countdown Pin
SOG-SS002 - Mascot Australia Map Three-Pin Puzzle Set
SOG-5004 - Sydney 2000 Mascots "All for 2000"
SOG-1028 - Share the Spirit - Crossed Flags


SOG-1026 - Sydney 2000 Square
SOG-1021 - Syd "S" Pin
SOG-1019 - Ollie "O" Pin
SOG-1020 - Millie "M" Pin
SOG-1022 - Sydney Skyline & Bridge Pin
SOG-1013 - Sydney Sailboat Pin
SOG-1023 - Olly - "Turn Up the Volume!" Pin
SOG-1024 - Syd - "Just Add Water" Pin
SOG-1025 - Millie - "Time's Up!" Pin
SOG-1027a - Sydney 2000 Rectangle Pin
SOG-1027b - Sydney 2000 Rectangle Pin
SOG-1027c - Sydney 2000 Rectangle Pin


SOG-1026 - Sydney 2000 Square
SOG-5005 - In Training for 2000 pin
Revolving 400 Day/ 399 Night Countdown Pin
SOG-2001 - The Games of the New Millennium pin
SOG-2002 - Sydney 2000 Darling Harbor Sculpture pin
SOG-1030 - Sydney 2000 Booemrangd pin
SOG-1031 - The Games of the New Millennium pin
SOG-1032 - Syd Pintrader pin
SOG-1033 - Millie Pintrader pin
SOG-1034 - Olly Pintrader pin
SOG-1012 - Mascots Portrait pin
SOG-1035 - AMP Tower pin


USOC Sydney 2000 pin
SOG-1037 - Mascots G'Day pin
SOG-5017 - Farewell 1999 Spinning pin
Sailing - Pictogram Mascots Spinning pin
Shooting - Pictogram Mascots Spinning pin
Cycling - Pictogram Mascots Spinning pin
Gymnastics - Pictogram Mascots Spinning pin
Syd Photo Frame pin
Olly Photo Frame pin
Millie Photo Frame pin
Christmas 1999 pin, pin number 1036-1
Roadsigns Oversize pin


Host Nations Oversize pin
Welcoming the World Dangling pin
Slamdunk Oversize pin
Mascots Sliding Door pin
Sydney 2000 Share the Spirit Mascots pin
See you in Sydney September 15, 2000 pin
Looking Towards the Games of the New Millennium pin
Passport to Sydney - Olly pin
Passport to Sydney - Syd pin
Passport to Sydney - Millie pin

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