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FromDavid Bawden
ToPrakash J. Mascarenhas
SubjectPlease pardon the delay
DateTue, 07 Nov 2000 08:05:33 -0600

Dear Sir, - I got your e-mail full of good questions.

The question of jurisdiction is key to many of today's problems. As you point out we state that one must have one's Ordinaries permission to write a book and have it printed. (Why we didn't is where the imprimatur would normally be posted.)

The necessity of jurisdiction also answers your question about 'ecclesia supplet'. This principle is to be used sparingly. The reason it applies for electing a Pope and not for the operation of Bishops and priests is that the Bishops and priests should have elected a Pope, who would have then supplied them with Ordinary Jurisdiction.

You see, by ignoring the true needs of the Church, they are operating outside of the Church's intention in this regard.

I am familiar with what was written in the book (about women's participation). Teresa Benns wrote that particular part, because so many Traditionalists had complained about her writing in the past. I was for women participating on the same grounds you site, but could argue both sides of the question at that point. When she brought the question up, I said she could put it in, but I refused to write it.

Antichrist is an illegitimate and unlawful ruler with absolutely no authority. His 'judicial permission', is that God allows him to reign unopposed as a chastisement for the sins of the faithful prior to his reign.

In tracing the opinions on who succeeds to the duty to vote for the Pope, when the Cardinals fail, it took some doing. By 'Saint John Lateran,' one means the canons of that basilica. There is no real list, only opinions of various canonists, as the case has not presented itself, until now.

I need to look up the matter on the Lay Apostolate, but if I remember right it was a speech of Pope Pius XII.

As for the argument on the indefectibility of the Pope, I wish to revisit this research and give a more complete and thorough answer and will forward this to you, when completed.

When it has been a while since I have been into the books on something, I wish to look it up again, in case I may have new references available that strengthen the case.

As for the Emperors interfering with elections, this has often happened, but Pope Saint Pius X removed any chance for their interference after he was elected by changing the law of veto.

As for your contention of 'anti-Rome', this makes perfect sense. Obviously the Whore of Babylon is directly opposed to the Catholic Church. In fact, later on I discovered that the Pope has direct jurisdiction as Pope over only six of the seven hills of Rome. However, Anti-Pope John XXIII as 'anti Bishop of Rome' changed the law taking ordinary jurisdiction over the suburbicarian sees, thus taking 'authority' over the seventh hill.

There is something about this 'Great Monarch' prophesies that is strange and linked to various anti-Catholic groups. I will refer your question on to someone who can answer it better.

You are right about the evils coming from America. In fact in meditating on Babylon in Apocalypse 18, I think America may be that Babylon. However, there is a difference between America and the European nations. Europe rejected the Faith, whereas America never had it. 1

Our first Bishop is suspected of being a Mason, and it doesn't get any better after that, although there were a couple of good Bishops in this country. So in referencing America as the place where the solution comes from, this is God bringing good out of an evil place, a place that makes pagan Rome look good in its own pursuit of paganism. However, America is pagan and not apostate like the European countries. Of course, the same argument could be made for other parts of the world, possibly India, but I haven't done the research.

I pray these answers help you get started.

Saint Thomas Aquinas' works are on-line and I can refer you to a place to order the Code of Canon Law. I will get back to you on those questions not yet answered.

Pope Michael
1. I reject the argument that America is a brand new nation, and that "America is pagan and not apostate like the European countries." America is an offshoot of the English nation, just as Canada, Australia and New Zealand also are. These offshoots arose subsequent to England's apostasy. Furthermore, all of them are part of the comprehensive Greater European or Western Civilization, which, as a whole, has rejected and apostatized from Christianity. - PJM.

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