Is Linus II the Pope?

Correspondence with the Party of Papal Claimant Linus II, nee Victor von Pentz.

See here my final treatment of this Papal Claim.


The putative Pope Linus 2

The Byzantine Catholic Community,
9 Cygnet Court, Stort Road,
Bishops Stortford, Herts.,
England. CM23 3EG.

Dear Sir/ Madame,

Subject: Information sought on Pope Linus 2 (nee Victor von Pentz)

After reading Dr. Rama Coomaraswamy's acticles, I became aware of the Great Modernist Schism commenced by Angelus Joseph Roncalli et al. But while I agreed that the four Balaams (Roncalli, Montini, Luciani & Wojtyla) were non-popes, I could not agree with the idea of not acting to have the want of a true pope supplied.

I firmly believe that the papacy is the Lynchpin of Christianity, of the Church, that our privation by a vacant papacy is permitted by only the permissive will of God and not by His positive will, and that His positive will commands that all shoud work that this want be remedied / supplied as soon as possible.

(I reject the idea that God himself or any of His saints will, by Private Revelation, institute a new pope as being against what God himself revealed, by amending Public Revelation, since in order to believe these papal claims, one must necessarily accept what was purported to have been revealed in a putative Private Revealation as being necessary to salvation, thus adding it to Public Revelation.)

Therefore, rejecting the classical "Sede-Vacantist" position to progress further, I outlined & formulated what I call the Orthopapist position: that while it is true that the four Balaams were really antipopes, it could not be said with absolute certainity that the Papacy was really vacant, for the vacancy could have been already filled. Faithing this, it shoud be filled after consultations among the Resistance as to what would be the proper means to that end, it being understood that the remedy exists.

I tried to propagate my views through an article I wrote "Repair My Church" in 1996 and through a magazine (defunct) in 1997, but given the general apathy in Indial, I made no headway, except a few responses from abroad: a William Morgan of an Counter-Reformation Association, La Guerche, Main Street, Morks Kirby, near Rugby, England. CV23 0QZ wrote 28 th Oct 1996 to correct my errors in "Repair My Church" and a Fr Lucian Pulvermacher wrote to restrain me since he was working on similiar lines!!

Before that I had been in touch with the Palmarian "Gregory 17" but rejected him for being a heretic. Likewise I had been in touch with the "Pope Pius 13" group of Lucian Pulvermacher, but have grave doubts about the method used for episcopal ordinations being followed by them (perhaps influenced by my ideas in "Repair My Church"?)

Ever since I learnt of a "pope Linus 2" in 1998, I have tried to find out more. Recently, I found some websites which gave me more information & your address, as well as of others. I have been able to eliminate all except five: Most probable - Linus 2 or Victor von Pentz; Improbable - Michael 1 or David Bawden; No Information - Leo 14 & Emmanuel 1; Certainly Untrue - Clement 15 or Michael Collin & his successor John-Gregory 17 (sic!) or Gaston Tremblay, Peter 2 or Chester Olszewski, Benedict of Avignon, Gregory 17 or Joseph Siri, Gregory 17 or Clemente Dominguez y Gomez, Charles Voltiva / Karol Wojtyla or John-Paul 2 and Shenouda 3 of Egypt, besides William Kamm the 'Little Pebble' or the antipope Peter Romanus.

I would therefore like information on the claim of Linus 2, the history & justification. I also want to know (from pre-Vatican2 Church sources) when & the exact moment when an electee to the papacy actually becomes pope. Is it from the moment of his placet, or from the moment of his elevationto the Episcopacy, or from the moment of his investiture or coronation as pope? Also show me how you can justify a secret episcopal ordination, and the result of this.

Finally, I wish to point out that the Vatican Council of 1870 in Pastor AEternas taught : 1. The distinction between the Church of Rome and the Roman Pontiff. 2. The Roman Church "has always kept the true Religion unsullied."( (213.4) 3. The faith can suffer no Diminution in this Roman Church. (216.3) 4. In its faith, the whole, true and perfect security of the Christian religion resides. (213.5) 5."Because of its greater sovereignty, it was always necessary for every church to be in agreement with the Roman hurch."((204.5)

As a result, I believe that (a) the Papacy will endure in the Church until the return of our Lord Jesus Christ, b) the particular local Roman Church is possessed of indefectibility, so that there will always be some true Christians remaining in that city - Rome, Italy, and c) this Indefectible Roman Church is the Definer, Arbiter and Guardian of the Holy Faith.Therefore, I wish to know your opinion of this my belief, and how it figures in your history of Linus 2, whether this Indefectible Roman Church was involved in the process of his election or acceded to him.

I am, Yours sincerely,

Prakash John Mascarenhas,
1/20 Lallubhai Mansion, 214 Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar Marg, East Dadar, Bombay. PIN 400 014. Tel 00 91 22 418 64 80. Email: prakashjm45 at
From: "#"
Subject: Your enquiry of 30 September 2000
Date: Sat, 7 Oct 2000 00:41:23 +0100

Dear Mr. Prakash J. Mascarenhas,

His Holiness Linus II is in receipt of Your letter of 30 September last, for which He thanks You.

His Holiness has asked me to provide You with a reply. We may, therefore, attempt to answer your quires as follows:
  1. His Holiness Linus II was elected at the Conclave that took place in Assisi (Italy), in 1994. Under this point of view, therefore, the theological position of Sedevacantism can no longer obtain, since the See of Peter is no longer vacant.
  2. As with regards to "Orthopapism", such novel terminology is utterly unknown to the Holy See. Perhaps, You may be kind enough to oblige His Holiness with a brief exposition of the same.
  3. There are, at present, numerous "claimants" to the Papacy. This is a deplorable consequence of the defection of the previously Catholic hierarchy, and of the heresies of the so-called Second Vatican Council (1962-1965). Even more deplorable is to acknowledge the fact that the only beneficiary of this lamentable state of affairs, is the arch-heresiarch Karol Wojtyla, himself one of the many false claimants to the Chair of Peter, and, by far, the most dangerous.

    Some of these claimants - although genuinely concerned with the present state of the Catholic Church - have advanced invalid or dubious claims. Some others, are mere fanatics. His Holiness recommends to all concerned faithful the utmost prudence in these difficult times, when engaging with any of them, mindful of St. Paul's warning "A man that is a heretic...avoid" (Titus, 3: 10).
  4. One is the fold, and one is the Shepherd. There is, therefore, very little benefit that can be derived from dividing "Pulvermacherites" from "Bawdenites", if not to condemn their invalid claims and their errors in an individual manner. There are, however, Catholics and non-Catholics. His Holiness knows of no "Pentzites".
  5. His Holiness has no connection whatsoever with the Internet site "". Any information contained therein is to be considered completely unofficial, and, therefore, unreliable. His Holiness strongly advises against this site. Further information concerning the 1994 Conclave is available. I am at your disposal for any further advise you may require.

In our Lord.

David A. Castelnovo
Charge d'Affairs of His Holiness, Linus II

Given in Brighton (UK), in the Feast day of Our Lady of Victory, MM
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Fax: ( UK international prefix)-01273-683992
From: ""

Subject: Linus ll
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2000 10:09:19 +0100

Dear Mr Prakash, - Thank you for your letter of enquiry which was received today, We have forwarded it to Dr Elizabeth Gerstner who will be in contact with you soon. If you are willing to provide us with a telephone number Dr Gerstner will be able to phone you to provide you with the relevant information more efficiently and quickly.

God bless and Mary protect you.

In Christo

Fr Dominic
From: "prakash mascarenhas"
Subject: Re: Linus ll
Date: Sun, 08 Oct 2000 05:41:22 GMT

Dear Sir, - My home tel no is "nnn" & work (till I have changed my job) is "nnn". However, I do not think that the phone is the best way to communicate. I would prefer that further correspondence be addressed to my main email address, where Luke Hannah is the nom de guerre I use.

I have also received another email from a David A. Castelnovo ( wherein he objects to my use of the name of 'Pentzite' for the papal claim of "Pope Linus 2."

Please understand that such use is not intended as offensive, but merely neutral, until the claim (whichever of the three, Bawdenite, Pentzite, Pulvermacher, or any other) is proven. I think that this is the proper course, that no one can accept any claim at face value, or ask for such acceptance.

Further Mr Castelnovo wished to know what I meant by 'Orthopapism'. Well, it is my position, that while Sede-Vacantism is right in so far as its rejection of the four Balaams in present occupation of the Vatican, the antipopes Roncalli, Montini, Luciani & Voltiva, it could not be certain that the papacy is truely vacant; and even if it were true that this is so, it is the duty of true Catholics to not merely rest in saying "Ah, the papacy is vacant!" but to go further and work for the election of a true Pope. That is what I call 'Orthopapism' as against classical contemporary Sede-Vacantism.

I think that, when all things are considered, the Pentzite claim to the Papacy is the most credible, as against those of the Bawdenites & Rev. Lucian Pulvermacher. However, doubts have been created in my mind about the Pentzites. Basically, there is said to be the involvement of a Bishop Cochoneaud who it seems is an paedophile, besides being of "Old Catholic" (ie Dollingerite) background. Then again, it seems, after Robert F Hess, that the Pentzites are a breakaway faction from the Conclavist Movement (whatever that may be) of a Kenneth J. Mock, just as the Bawdenites and Pulvermacher... If this is true, I would need to know the reasons. Then again, I am given to understand that Fr Victor von Pentz was raised to the episcopacy in 1998 SECRETLY, secret to this day. How is this justified?

Further, I want to know your position on the doctrine of Roman Indefectibility, and its application. I believe, following the various teachings of the Church, especially, the document Pastor AEternas, that the Roman Church is indefectible... and that it has to play a crucial role in the restoration of the normal order of the Church, more especially, the Papacy. In order that you be able to better understand what I mean, I am sending you a further email, containing exchanges I had with a priest in the USA.

Yours sincerely,

Prakash J Mascarenhas
From: "Byzantine Community"
Subject: Linus ll
Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2000 03:29:05 -0700

Dear Mr Prakash

Thank you for the very interesting replies you have sent to me. I am in the process of studying the contents and will formulate a reply to the questions addressed. I however immediately wish to make a few comments which I feel must be made immediately. In your e-mail you mention that Rev Philippe Cochoneaud is connected with Linus ll and the 1994 conclave. This information is absolutely false. This man also is not guilty of pedophile behavior as alleged. In fact Rev Cochoneaud was a Liberal Catholic priest who was ordained sub conditione by an Old Roman Catholic prelate named Frederic Gilbert Linale who was later convicted of of sexual ofences against boys and was jailed. Rev Cochoneaud was at no time implicated in this. He then was ordained sub conditione by Bishop Richard Bedingfeld and then also consecrated by Bishop Bedingfeld a few days later. Bishop Bedingfeld is a follower of the St Jovite "pope" in Canada. Fr Victor knows Rev Cochoneaud but is in no way connected with him. Secondly, it is alleged that Fr Victor was consecrated secretly consecrated. This is not true. His consecration took place in front of many witnesses in a church with the doors open. The only thing was that the name of the Roman bishop was not broadcast to all and sundry since he is still in Rome and will be persecuted by the Conciliar authorities should it be made known on an open forum such as the internet. Regarding Bishop Fouhy, yes he w********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************faith and was therefore no longer a member of the Old Catholic sect at the time of the conclave. Bishop Korab has since also been ordained and consecrated sub conditione in the Catholic Church by the same Roman Bishop as Linus ll. The information given by the disgusting and scandalous website www./ is incorrect and calculated to defame, The webmaster of this site should be taken to task for his malicious slander, calumny and detraction. Unfortunately in this time of godlessness and hatred for all who try to uphold the True Catholic Faith, the punishment is no longer martyrdom by putting one to death, but rather the martyrdom by character assassination. We can only pray for him and commend him to God!

Dr Elizabeth Gerstner has sent you a letter in the post with further information and will also be phoning you at some stage.

Mr Prakash, may God bless you and Mary protect you

Yours in Christo

Fr Dominic
From: "prakash mascarenhas"
Subject: Re: Linus ll

Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2000 07:11:02 GMT

Dear Fr. Dominic, - Thanks for the reply. However, please don't go too hard on him. He certainly helped me... I was searching for two years for 'Pope Linus 2' and it was only Terrence Boyle at who gave me his natal name "Victor von Pentz" that further lead me to this 'papocryphes' chap that gave me his address: Byzantine Catholic Community, 9 Cygnet Court, Stort Road, Bishops Stortforg, Herts., CM23 3EG - England. TÚl : 0279 50 44 20, Fax : 0279 50 44 08, which is how we are now communicating.

Only goes to show that God writes straight through meandering lines...

Prakash J Mascarenhas
Date: Wed, 30 May 2001 07:03:38 +0100 (BST)
From: "mascarenhas prakash john"
Subject: The Claims of Victor von Pentz to be Pope

"Always be ready with the reason for the Hope that is in you." To,
Rev Victor von Pentz , Fr. Dominic , David Castelnovo & Dr. Elisabeth Gerstner

Dear Friends, - I am writing this letter to give you a last chance to prove and give the reasons for the claim of (Fr. or Bishop) Victor von Pentz being the true Pope under the name of Linus 2.

It is, I think, an accepted fact that no man's extra-ordinary claim to the papacy is to be taken at face value.

You must prove that the claims of previous claimants are false, and the reasons why.

Then you must prove your claims giving the ideological reasons and justifications for it.

I have waited for more than 6 months, and all I have is silence.

There is no provision in Catholicism for a Hidden or Silent Pope. If a man claims to be the Pope, he must prove his claim, or else he is a thief, robber and imposter.

You must choose where you stand.

Since I have already waited for so long, I will wait no more. I am hereby giving you 7 days from the receipt of this letter to respond to it, failing which, I shall consider that your claims are false, and publicize it as such.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Hopefully, in the Unity of our Lord Jesus Christ, true God and true Man, and our Saviour and King,

His Most Unworthy Servant and Disciple,
See here for my last demand for proof of claim, subsequent to this letter.