Teresa Benns' Reply

ToPrakash J. Mascarenhas & Pope Michael
SubjectRe: Response
DateSun, 29 Sep 2002 01:48:09 EDT
Mr. Prakash,

I wanted to further clarify who it was that elected Pope Michael. Three men and three women acted as electors: Kennett Bawden, (David's father: may he rest in peace); Clara Bawden, David's mother; myself (Teresa Benns); Bob and Diane Hunt, (no relation to the Bawdens or to myself); and two of my four children - Aimee and Josiah Benns, who were too young to vote and served only as onlookers.

As to the Gwynne "cult," I put cult in parentheses for a reason. Several families in Australia and the U.S. reported Gwynne and Daly for, I believe, child kidnappings and false imprisonment; also for child abuse. At that time the two of them were operating in a manner many in the secular sphere would describe as a cult, but I'm not sure cult is the proper terminology. Rather I would describe them as a Gnostic sect (Essenic, to be exact) complete with severe vegetarian diet, colonics, herbal cleansings, and a regimen designed to interfere with normal thought processes. Daly may be disassociated from Gwynne, but he still espouses many of the same errors he taught while working with him.

As to the clarification on St. Michael fighting, I will ask Pope Michael to post it to his website.

Yours in Christ,

Teresa Benns