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Isaac Land, Sr. was born about 1750 in either North or South Carolina, and died in 1821 in Richland, Haywood County, North Carolina. We do not know who he married, but know they had these children:
diamond.gif Joseph married Barbara Wolf
diamond.gif William married Rachel ???
diamond.gif Ann married John W. Bryson
diamond.gif Jeremiah married Catherine ???
diamond.gif Hosea married Zilpha Thomas
diamond.gif Isaac, Jr., married Mary Robbins Billingsley
Rebeckah married George Plott

Isaac served during the Revolutionary War with the Militia of Union County, South Carolina, he fought after the fall of Charleston. In 1785 he collected his indent from Union County, South Carolina for militia service.

For information on the families of Ann Land and Hosea Land, children of Isaac Land, visit Our Land Family, Part II

Jeremiah Land was born about 1783 and died after 1821. His wife Catherine was born about 1780 and died in February 1860 in Fannin County, Georgia. Their children are:
diamond.gif Archibald married Elvira
diamond.gif Isaac married Rebecca Blevins/Bevins
diamond.gif Jeremiah, Jr. married 1. Elizabeth Wilson Johnston, 2. Amanda Gaylord
diamond.gif Ananias married Nancy Kilbay
diamond.gif James Carruth married Caroline Duncan
diamond.gif Elizabeth married Francis Crawford
diamond.gif Ruth married Henry Kilbay
diamond.gif Mary Tabitha married Samuel M. Crawford

For information on the families of Archibald Land, Ananias Land, Jeremiah Land, Jr. and James Carruth Land, children of Jeremiah and Catherine Land, visit
Our Land Family, Part III

Isaac Land, the son of Jeremiah and Catherine Land, was born 26 Feb 1804 in North Carolina, he married Rebecca Blevins, born on 23 Sep 1803 in North Carolia. Her parents are not known to this researcher at this time. Isaac and Rebecca moved their family from Haywood County, North Carolina to Blount County, Tennessee and then to Georgia, finally settling in the Cherokee and Pickens County areas. Isaac had been a Minister of the Gospel for 60 years at the time of his death on 11 Jun 1880. Rebecca lived until 16 Mar 1893, both are buried in the Bethany Baptist Church cemetery in Jasper, Pickens County, Georgia. Their children are:
diamond.gif Jeremiah Wila married Martha A. Rawlston
diamond.gif Benjamin B. married Matilda W. Rawlston
diamond.gif Isaac Newton married Matilda W. Rawlston Land
diamond.gif Rachel R.M.A.C. married Samuel Cox
diamond.gif Sarah Matilda married Richard V. Cook
diamond.gif John Jackson married Sarah Dowdy
diamond.gif James Johnson married Sarah Emaline Cline

Jeremiah Wila Land, the son of Isaac and Rebecca Blevins Land, was born in October of 1824 and died in 1900 in Black Springs, Montgomery County, Arkansas. He married Martha A. Rawlston, 19 Feb 1843 in Blount County, Tennesse. Their children are:
diamond.gif Rufus A., b. 1843/d. aft 1850
diamond.gif George Isaac, b. Mar 1845/d. aft 1910 TX
diamond.gif Benjamin Church, b. Aug 1848/d. aft 1900 AR//marr. Emeline Godfrey 7 Nov 1867
diamond.gif Matthew, b. abt 1850
diamond.gif Church, b. abt 1852
diamond.gif Sula/Susie, b. abt 1854/d. aft 1880 GA
diamond.gif William Wallace, b. 12 Mar 1865/d. 15 Aug 1937 AR

George Isaac Land, the son of Jeremiah Wila and Martha A. Rawlston Land, was born March 1846 in Tennessee and died after 1910 in Bell County, Texas. He married Josephine Gordon about 1873. Their children are:
diamond.gif Lula, b. abt 1872 AR
diamond.gif George Gordon, b. Jul 1873 AR/d. aft 1910 TX//marr. Sue Cantral abt 1896
diamond.gif Mattie, b. 25 Dec 1878 AR/d. aft 1910 TX
diamond.gif Newty Marion, b. Oct 1880/d. aft 1910 TX
diamond.gif John Humphrey, b. Nov 1882 AR/d. aft 1910 TX//marr. Minnie Smith abt 1907
diamond.gif Hattie, b. abt 1884 AR/d. ??//marr. James Brooks
diamond.gif Myrtle, b. abt 1887 AR/d. ??//marr. Emory Frank Hammack
diamond.gif Mae, b. Apr 1890/d.??//marr. Carl Churchill
diamond.gif Olive, b. Jan 1893 TX/d. ??//marr. Grover Camp
diamond.gif William Earl, b. Dec 1891 TX/d. ??//marr. Mellie Reed
diamond.gif Haley Madison, b. 13 Feb 1900 TX/d. ??//marr. Grace Willingham

William Wallace Land,the son of Jeremiah Wila and Martha A. Rawlston, was born 12 Mar 1865 in Marysville, Blount County, Tennessee and died 15 Aug 1937 in Blue Mountain, Logan County, Arkansas. He married Emret Anna Martha Ann Rebecca Boon, 4 Oct 1884 in Centre, Cherokee County, Alabama. Their children are:
diamond.gif Albert, b. 1886/d. 1887
diamond.gif Willie, b. 13 Jun 1888/d. ??//marr. Dorsey Neal South, 10 Feb 1907
diamond.gif Maudie, b. 1891/d. ??//marr. W. A. Blaylock
diamond.gif Pearl, b. 1893/d. 1893
diamond.gif Bertha Cordelia, b. 22 May 1895/d.??//marr. Arthur Perkins 1914
diamond.gif Ben, b. 1897/d. 1898
diamond.gif Dortha, b. 1901/d. ??//marr. 1.---Marler; 2. ---Daniels
diamond.gif Talmage, b. 1902/d. 1904
diamond.gif Clifford Leroy, b. 4 Jul 1905/d. ??//marr. Nettie I. Daniels 1927

Rachel R.M.A.C. Land, the daughter of Isaac and Rebecca Blevins Land, was born about 1833 in North Carolina and died after 1910 in Georgia. She married Samuel Cox, the son of Isaac Cox, 16 Jan 1862 in Georgia. Their children are:
diamond.gif James Isaac, b. 7 Jan 1854
diamond.gif Mary Rebecca A., b. abt 1856 GA

James Isaac Cox, the son of Rachel Land and Samuel Cox, was born 7 Jan 1854 in Cherokee County, Georgia and died 12 Mar 1931 in Cherokee County, Georgia. He married Martha Emiline Cline, the daughter of Michael and Caroline Pittman Cline about 1877 in Georgia. Their children are:
diamond.gif Samuel Marion, b. 23 Sep 1877 Ga/d. 28 Dec 1973 GA//marr. Mary Isa Cline 20 Mar 1898
diamond.gif John Mitchell, b. 19 May 1891

Sarah Matilda Land, the daughter of Isaac and Rebecca Blevins Land, was born 16 mar 1833 in North Carolina and died after 1910 in Jasper, Pickens County, Georgia. She married Richard V. Cook 13 Jul 1848. Their children are:
diamond.gif Gazaway, b. 15 Sep 1859 GA./d. ??//marr. Becky Reinhardt
diamond.gif Martha Blevins Rebecca, b. 1851 GA/d. ??//marr. Jackson Holcomb
diamond.gif John Jackson, b. 1 Sep 1853 GA./d.??//marr. Martha Jane ???
diamond.gif Richard Isaac, b. 31 Jan 1855 GA/d.??//marr. Martha Jane Turner 4 Jun 1874
diamond.gif James Jasper, b. 31 Oct 1857 GA/d. ??//marr. Jane ???
diamond.gif George Washington, b. 23 May 1861 GA/d. 16 Aug 1933 GA//marr. 1. Jane Dryman; 2. Eliza Jane Denson; 3. Birdie Lee Carroll
diamond.gif William Henry, b. 26 Oct 1863 GA/d. 1928 GA//marr. Martha Jane Coker, 22 Feb 1885
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James Johnson Land, the son of Isaac and Rebecca Blevins Land, was born about 1838 in Blount County, Tennessee, and died 8 Jun 1911 in Cherokee County, Georgia. He married Sarah Emaline Cline, about 1856, their children are:
diamond.gif Emaline Flora Ann, b. 12 Oct 1857 AL/d. 22 Dec 1876 GA
diamond.gif Martha Matilda, b. 23 Dec 1858
diamond.gif James William Johnson, b. 31 Aug 1865 GA/d. 7 Apr 1948 GA//marr. Amanda E. Allred
diamond.gif John Michael, b. Dec 1867 GA/d. Bef 1938//marr. Nancy A. Cox
diamond.gif Thomas Edward, b. Apr 1870 GA/d. Bef 1938 GA//marr. Martha J. Cox

Martha Matilda Land, the daughter of James and Sarah Cline Land, was born 23 Dec 1858 in Alabama and died 30 Aug 1938 in Happy Hollow, Whitfield County, Georgia. She married in Cherokee County, Georgia, on 23 Sep 1877, Joseph H. Clark. Their children are:
diamond.gif Flora Ann Malinda Elizabeth, b. 14 Jun 1878
diamond.gif James Melvin, b. Aug 1879
diamond.gif Luzina, b. Jun 1892
For more information on these families visit Our Clark Family .

**Note: James Johnson Land and Sarah Emaline Cline are my husband's great-great-great grandparents and Sarah Matilda Land and Richard V. Cook are my great-great grandparents. We are 4th cousins, once removed. We found this out after 27 years of marriage and it has completely confused our children, who are also cousins to one another and to their own children!!**


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