Our McCay/McKay line begins with Daniel McCay, who was born in December of 1756 in Scotland and died about 1816 in South Carolina, probably Pendleton County. He was the son of Thomas McCay, who was the son of William McCay, both born in Scotland.
      According to family tradition, Daniel was born in mid December of 1756 in Scotland. He had red hair, was 6 feet 9 inches tall and had a light complexion. A Daniel McCay arrived in New York in 1773 and family tradition says he did arrive in New York with ten gold guineas (about $25) in his pocket.
      Daniel served in the Revolutionary War and his military records is in "Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War". He joined the American Army on 19 April 1775 at Lexington and Concord under Major Bradish in Col. Finny's Regiment from the province of Main.
      During the winter of 1777-1778, Daniel served under General Washington at Valley Forge. Beginning in January 1780, Daniel was Sergeant-Major under Captain Sylvanus Smith and Colonel Rufus Putnam at West Point. He had been transferred from the Massachusetts 15th Regiment to the 5th with Smith. As of January 10, 1781, Daniel was 24 years and one month old. His record continued until Febrary 1782 when he was at Garrison West Point.
      Daniel had been wounded in the hip in 1778 when he was on a gunboat on Lake Champlain and a gun burst. That wound was sewn up and then he was wounded again at Saratoga with injuries to his left breast and right knee.
      After the war, Daniel migrated to Spartenburg County, South Carolina and then to Pendleton County where he filed for a Revolutionary War pension on 25 Oct 1814. He stated in his application that he was formerly of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the part that became Main. He needed financial assistance to support himself and a nearly blind wife and four small children. He was finally granted two-thirds of an Ensign's pension but it is believed he died shortly after completing the application in 1816. (the above information was shared by Bonny and Jim McDaniel)
      Daniel married Elizabeth "Betsy" Stanley, about 1796-1800 in Spartanburg County, South Carolina, the daughter of Lewis and Adah Martin Stanley. Daniel was married at least once before he married Elizabeth Stanley (see pension application reference "4 small children". Daniel and Betsy moved with her parents from Spartanburg County to Pendleton County between the years 1808 and 1909.
      The children of Daniel and his first wife may be:
diamond Daniel S., b. abt 1792/married Rhoda Jane Hill
diamond William B., b. abt 1794 SC
diamond Archibald, d. abt 1839/married Martha Wheeler

      The possible/probable children of Daniel and Elizabeth Stanley are:
diamond Jerusha, b. abt 1804/married Harbert (Arthur?) Hill
diamond John married Katie Alford
diamond William Alexander, b. abt 1797, d. aft Sep 1872, married Nancy Golden in SC.
diamond Martin Stanley, b. 29 Jul 1806 married Martha Collins

red ballDaniel S. McCay and Rhoda Jane Hill were married about 1815, probably in Rutherford County, North Carolina, their children were born in North Carolina and Georgia. They settled in the area of North Georgia that is today Fannin County. Their children are:
diamond Archibald P. married Mary ???
diamond William H. married Temperance Steppe
diamond Margaret married John Pinckney Cochran
diamond Robert Charlie married Anna Watters Jay
diamond John H. married Nancy Langston
diamond Jerusha married Thomas S. Lively
diamond Edward H.
diamond Harbert Thomas married Telitha Frances Cook
diamond Rhoda Ann married William McDaniel Galloway
diamond Sarah R. married Zemri V. Thomason

red ballArchibald McCay, the son of Daniel S. and Rhoda Jane Hill McCay, was born about 1816 in North Carolina and married before 1841 to Mary, who was born about 1815 in South Carolina, their children are:
diamond Elizabeth b. abt 1841
diamond Rhoda Ann b. abt 1843 married Young Thomason
diamond Judy b. abt 1846
diamond Susan b. abt 1847
diamond Daniel T. b. abt 1849 married Sarah abt 1872
diamond Archibald, Jr. b. abt 1858

red ballWilliam H. McCay, the son of Daniel S. and Rhoda Jane Hill McCay, was born 30 Jun 1822 in North Carolina and was married twice, his first wife's name is unknown. He married 27 Dec 1849 in Murray County, GA, Temperance Mincey Steppe, who was born 28 Dec 1811 in South Carolina, the daughter of Aaron and Mary Stanton Mincey. By her first husband Temperance had sons, Nelson, b. abt 1837; Newton, b. abt 1840 and George b. abt 1842. These three sons are often listed as "McCay" children on the census records. William died during the Civil War and is buried in Nashville, Tennessee; Temperance died 1 Jul 1897 and is buried in Epworth Methodist Church Cemetery in Epworth, Fannin County, Georgia.
William McCay and his first wife had one child:
diamond John Frances b. abt 1847/d. aft 1868

William McCay and Temperance Mincey Steppe had these children:
diamond James Turner b. 20 May 1853
diamond Martha Ann, b. 3 Mar 1856

red ball Margaret "Peggy" McCay, the daughter of Daniel S. and Rhoda Jane Hill McCay, was born 14 Jun 1824 in Georgia and married 28 Nov 1844 John Pinckney Cochran, born 2 Dec 1821, the son of Joseph/Jacob and Patsy Pool Cochran. The children of Margaret and John are:
diamond Mary b. abt 1846//married James Black
diamond Rhoda Jane b. abt 1848//married Arthur E. Kiker
diamond Jacob M. b. abt 1850
diamond Daniel McCay b. abt 1852
diamond Martha E. b. abt 1853
diamond John Pinckney, Jr. b. abt 1856
diamond Margaret R. b. abt 1858
diamond Joseph Elisha Brown b. abt 1860
diamond Ferninand L. b. 19 Feb 1863
diamond George Virgil b. abt 1865
diamond Harbert Nathan b. abt 1868
diamond Andrew b. abt 1869

red ball Robert Charlie McCay, the son of Daniel S. and Rhoda Jane Hill McCay, was born about 1825 in Georgia and died about 1867 in Huntsville, Madison County, Alabama. He married about 4 Nov 1845 in Lumpkin Co., GA, Anna Watters Jay, daughter of Thomas and Anna Welahel Watters. Their children are:
diamond Mary Margaret b. 25 Dec 1846
Robert Daniel b. 15 May 1849
diamond John Thomas b. 15 May 1849
diamond Nancy Francis b. 15 Sep 1851
diamond Sarah M. (Amanda) b. 20 Apr 1855
diamond Archibald Frances b. 30 Sep 1867
diamond Meligon William b. 19 Jul 1860 married Bettie Ratley
diamond Andrew Berry b. 6 May 1862 married Molly Ratley

red ball John Henry McCay, the son of Daniel S. and Rhoda Jane Hill McCay was born about 1829 in Georgia, married
1. Nansey, b. abt 1831 GA, they had one child:
diamond Charity (Clarissy) b. abt 1849
2. Elizabeth b. abt 1835 in North Carolina, they had these children:
diamond Addy b. abt 1855
diamond Mary b. abt 1857
diamond Jonathan b. abt 1859

red ball Jerusha McCay, the daughter of Daniel S. and Rhoda Jane Hill, was born about 1830 in Georgia and married Thomas S. Lively, a blacksmith, born abt 1815 in South Carolina, before 1847, their children are:
diamond Daniel b. abt 1847
diamond John P. b. abt 1849 married Mary E. Grarrison
diamond Rhoda J. b. abt 1852 married Elisha P. Green
diamond Joseph b. abt 1856
diamond Andrew b. abt 1858
diamond William b. abt 1858 (twin to Andrew)
diamond James
diamond Marion
diamond David
diamond Milly F.
diamond Margaret L.
diamond Eliza J.

red ball Edward H. McCay, the son of Daniel S. and Rhoda Jane Hill McCay was born in Sep 1831 in Georgia and married Polly A. abt 1882, the 1900 census lists one child for them:
diamond John A. b. Apr 1883

red ball Harbert Thomas McCay, the son of Daniel S. and Rhoda Jane Hill McCay, was born about 1833 in Georgia and married
1. Talitha Francis Cook, the daughter of Daniel and Sarah Chitwood Cook, on 17 Sep 1854 in Fannin County, Georgia. Their children are:
diamond Sarah E. b. abt 1858
diamond Hester b. abt 1860
diamond Daniel
diamond Mary Abbee
For more information on Talitha's Cook family contact Bonny McDaniel.

2. Margaret Witt, their children are:
diamond Frances A., b. 1878 Polk Co. TN
diamond Margaret E., Apr 1880, Polk Co. TN

red ball Rhoda Ann McCay, the daughter of Daniel S. and Rhoda Jane Hill, was born 22 Jun 1835 in Georgia and married 28 Feb 1858 in Fannin County, William McDaniel Galloway, born 2 Aug 1839, son of William Frazier and LaVisa McClure Galloway. Rhoda Ann died on 21 May 1896 in Bartow County, Georgia. She and William McDaniel are both buried in the Old Cassville Cemetery, Cartersville, Bartow County, Georgia. Their children are listed with Our Galloway family.

red ball Sarah R. McCay, the daughter of Daniel S. and Rhoda Jane Hill McCay, was born about 1842 in Georgia and married on 4 Sep 1861 in Fannin County, Georgia, Zemri V. Thomason, son of Young John and Easter Grindle Thomason. We have no further information about this family.

This work would not have been possible with the help of these Other McCay Researchers

Nancy Clayton
Bonny McDaniel
Joan Larkin
Carlos Thomason
Jean Gore Enroughty
Donny Arnold
Tammy McCay Hamilton
Janice Gunnin

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These books were also used in gathering this information:
The Facets of Fannin - A Fannin County History, page 415

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