MAY 7, 1990 - MARCH 24, 1998

This poem below was written in memory of Christopher by his daddy.
We would like to dedicate this web page to Christopher's daddy for all the Father's Days,
holidays and special days that he has to spend without his best friend here with him. *sigh*


I cried the day you were born, happiness I could not contain~
I cried the day you died, nothing can stop the pain...
The time in between I tried and tried to save you,
and somehow thought I would~
If only God with His mercy and love would say I could.
The times we shared were oh so sweet
and now the memory is more than I can bear~
For I know I've lost the most precious gift
that ever God did share...

Your eyes were brown like mine, your hair was blonde and fine~
Your skin was fair and your cheeks were rosy,
you laughed and played and were happy almost all the time...
Your body was small and frail,
your weakened heart would not let you grow~
But nothing ever dimmed your spirit,
only cheerfulness and courage you would show...

I was always the lucky one, God blessed me with you, my special one~
I was your favorite and you stayed always by my side, filling me with love and pride~
When you were tired I carried you for miles on end,
I never felt your weight...After all you were my best friend...
Each day you said "I love you daddy", I still hear your voice and feel your touch~
Forever in my heart you'll live, for Christopher, I'll always love you so very much...
I can't begin to describe the feelings I have for you inside,
no one has ever loved their daddy as much as you~
If love alone could save you, you never would have died...

You trusted me to keep you safe, you always held my hand~
Together we would talk of life and you would always understand~
They said you wouldn't live, but so many times you proved them wrong~
Together we passed each test and learned how to be strong...
You were an inspiration to us all, you knew the odds you had to face~
But you never complained and always did your best,
and showed everyone your courage and your grace...
Together we conquered all the fear, but when I was all alone I would shed a tear...
Even when you were doing well and feeling your best,
the shadow would come to my mind and never let me rest...

Most people never knew about your battle,
how sometimes you would struggle for every breath~
How brave you were through all the needles and the tests,
how gallantly you fought before your death...
I was there through all the pain,
I felt every needle stick and tourniquette pinch and calmed you while you asked why~
I saw the terror in your eyes when you were paralyzed and couldn't cry...

I asked for prayers from all around, I prayed to God and every saint...
I searched the world for answers to prevent your fate~
It wasn't enough, I let you down, If only the doctors didn't hesitate...
I held you in my arms when your heart at last did fail,
I pleaded with God for help but no miracle would prevail~
The end was cruel and hard ~ I relive it every day...
You gave it all you had, if only there was another way...
Everyone says you touched their heart, your life was short but you left your mark~
You brightened everything with your smile and laughter,
but now... it's all gone dark...

Now I'm still here, but you have gone, I can't understand how we can be apart,
God must know this bitter separation has broken my heart.
Yet I must go on, my journey in not yet through ~
there must be something left undone, that Christopher wants me to do...

My only hope is that there is a Heaven,
a place where you can be happy and free...
I just can't believe you can be truly happy there.......without me.

I love you Chris,

Below is a poem that I am dedicating here to Ron, from Christopher.
I can imagine very much Christopher saying these words to his Daddy.
Thank you to my dear friend Kaye for allowing me
to use her heart-felt words on this page.

Daddy, I Still Look Up To You

Daddy, I remember as a child
you would take my hand.
Trying to always protect me from harm.
Oh my dad is the best in the land.

I always looked up to you, Daddy.
For your strength and love.
It mattered not what I asked of you ...
you knew what I was speaking of.

My precious Daddy and me.
Oh the special love we share.
All I had to do was reach up to you ...
Oh yes, you were always there.

Now, Daddy, I live in Heaven with Jesus.
And I see you're lost without me.
Just know I am always near.
And I forever will be.

And when I see you walking,
I walk along side of you.
I take your strong hands in my hands,
just like I used to do.

So, as I watch you try to get through
this another Father’s Day.
Remember Daddy, I still look up to you.
And lead you along life’s pathway.

Written by Kaye Des’Ormeaux, Copyright 2003
Dedicated to ALL dads who have lost a child.

My dear friend Pammi sent the images above and the poem below
in honor of Christopher and his Daddy on Father's Day.

Hello Dad
It's me Christopher
I'm calling you from heaven
Because I know how much you miss me

Please don't cry
I wanted to talk to you
Because you see I miss you too

Just before I called you
God and I were talking
He told me how sad you've been
And he didn't want to see you cry anymore
Then he told me there was one person
Who could always make you smile
So that's why I'm calling you today

I wanted to let you know I'm safe in heaven
So wipe your eyes Dad
There's no tears here
Only beauty surrounds me now

If you get lonely
Just close your eyes and remember me
I'm there in the corner of your heart
God gave you those memories for a reason
So take them out and think of me
I'll send you my angel kisses
'Cause I love to see you smile

Well, I have to go now Dad
Maybe it seemed like a short time we were together
But someday we'll be together for an eternity
Until then remember what I told you
I'm always with you
In fact I'm just a prayer away!
Love Always, Christopher

I'm thinking of you today. Your poetry touched me so much all I could do was cry.
Maria made the most beautiful page I've ever seen. What a great honor.
Your poetry spoke of love so beyond words and it truly moved me.
I thought for a change you deserved a very special gift. I made this special award
just for you and although I know we will all be in terrible pain for the rest of our lives
at least you'll know that you have brought so much honor to this sweet little child that God took home
and the Good Lord must be so proud of you, your strength and devotion.
I really believe Christopher helped me along here because I was getting very discouraged trying to learn all this
and I think this is my best so far and that's why I believe that little Angel Christopher was really at my side.
God bless you both and may God watch over you and hold you both close to Him.
Ann, Laurasmom

A friend can hear a tear drop.

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"Dear Maria: This award is for ALL your lovely pages
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Love: Marlene"
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