~ Christopher's Courage 2000~

We Done Good!
We beat last year's time by about 10 minutes -- it was extremely hot, the heat index on the pavement was 120 degrees and boy were we sunburned! It was hard running, but we did just fine. We saw alot of runners being taken away on stretchers; it was rather scary, to tell you the truth. I believe Christopher was with me because I have to share with you what happened while I was running.... I was about 1 mile away from finishing, and I was apologizing to Christopher because I thought that I had to stop. But... all of a sudden, I got chills from head to toe, even though it was so very hot; my scalp was even tingling. I felt that Christopher was right there with me, so then I never stopped. And I sprinted through the finish, so I know he was with me!

A big thank you toBarb for fixing
my humungous pictures and putting them each
in these beautiful frames. I couldn't have finished
this page without your help!

Here I am with my medal immediately after finishing!

Here are the Pittsburgh Marathon 2000 results --
place#  149 Christophers Courage      final time     3:55:43
	Larry (friend of Aunt Judy's and 
             last minute replacement for Paul)
	Billy Manning (Christopher's uncle)
	Ron Faller (captain)
	Maria Faller

place#  367 Chris's Courage II/3 Sisters & Mom  
                               final time 4:53:52
	Jean Faller Manning 
	Judy Faller Elias
	Sarah Faller
	Rosemarie Faller
		the 3 girls are Christopher's aunts, 
                Rosemarie is his grandma

This is Christopher's grandma and his Aunt Jean
coming across the finish line. We have no idea
who the fella there is.

Ron started his leg when Billy handed to him.
After Ron handed to me, he was finally finished with his leg.
Now it is my turn!

These are pictures of Ron handing to me.

Thank you, Teresa, for the wonderful 'Well Done' sand graphic that you made for us!

After the race, we went to Grandma's house
to sing Happy Birthday to Christopher. This is the cake
and the little birthday gifts we had made in his honor.

Thank you,Rosemary, for sending Ron this
actual little Dreamsicle figure and for making
this adorable graphic and the background
on this page for us. You are the bestest!

Please read Christopher's Courage Marathon Letter 2000

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Angel Christopher
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"Dear Maria: This award is for ALL your lovely pages
for Christopher and others.
Love: Marlene"
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