Camp Justice Statement
Contributed by Loren Black Elk
Dec., 2000

Camp Justice

The Camp was established after the Brutal Murdered Bodies of our Brother Wally Black Elk & Cousin Ron Hard Heart were found.

Our brother Tom who organized the making of the Camp and we family members decided no to let this tragedy be forgotten and go unheard.

So with support from all over, the Camp became the symbol of a concerned family who wants Justice and through this the struggle continues.

Also, the March for Justice was organized by our Brother Tom.  The first marches were awesome, when hundreds came and showed their support and marched with us.  White Clay, Nebraska was the target for the March and their protest speeches were made when we got there.

White Clay was picked because we believe their connection in this murder, well, is a wonder.  So much was said about all who are present in this little hamlet of beer stores, where our people go and stand and are allowed to get falling-down drunk and such.  We believe their role in it is that the 2 victims were last seen in White Clay prior to the day of discovery.

We believe also that, in picking White Clay, it can bring out a lot.  However, when White Clay was established it was done illegally.  Anyway, 3 of my brothers, Tom, Web and Ben along with John Steele, Gary Moore and Frank Lamere are in court for getting arrested by a law officer who has no jurisdiction, for it is our land and our law has the jurisdiction.

Support is needed - letters sent to the Governor of Nebraska, for he is watching his state violate a people's rights.  There are court hearings coming up and it looks good, but could go on for a long time. Federal court is where it will end up because the 1868 and other treaties are involved.

As to the investigation, it's been a long time, going on 2 years.  All they still tell us is 'We are doing everything we can.'  You know I've been at the Camp since it was established and I have seen when these FBI investigators came; they didn't do anything but stand around their vehicles, bullshitting and laughing, you know, showing they really didn't care.

Like why did it take 6 months to come and do whatever they did; seems like these things are supposed to be done in about one day or two.  They even brought a dog, wow, just like their masters, six months late.

Also, like the sheriff who mysteriously disappeared after the bodies of our Brother and Cousin were found.  Kind of strange, don't you think, as this sheriff has a history of if not verbally, he physically assaults our people, who stand in this town of beer stores, White Clay.

Yeah, the Camp has been in contact with people from the National Coalition of Churches, the Justice Dept. and several Civil Rights organizations throughout the country and there were a lot of strong voices which were heard throughout the world, in which the FBI cstill can hide their dirty work and act like nothing is wrong.  So the struggle is here and we want the world to know that these deaths have to have Justice, and Camp Justice stands for the deaths throughout South Dakota, in which our people were found dead and the investigations also only went as far as a blood test.

Seems like after the blood tests and the sign of alchohol was found, the deaths were ruled as exposure due to alchohol.  And the investigation fades.

So, we are there for a reason and it's a shame if someone thinks different.  The Camp is a symbol of something that needs to be heard, no matter how or why.

As to where the investigation is, it's still the same.  Only thing new is the Criminal Investigators who were also handling the case, well, they, moved....they moved their office back to Rapid City and then moved down to New Mexico.  Kind of strange, don't you think - are the completely forgetting - forgetting something terrible happened somewhere around here?

So, people, we are here.  Camp Justice will never fade, even after Justice is found, for there are other uninvestigated investigations and they also need to be brought out and heard.

Camp Justice spoke and told of how a Double Brutal Murder investigation is conducted - like a grade school dropout, or should I say, as if, a grade school child is told to look for somthing, that child would look for it.  As to the investigation, do they actually know what they are looking for or did this 6-months-later deal allow too much time.  Or is there a cover-up?

So, people, if only some would realize, all we want is Justice.  I guess it really can't be understood until you actually have to live with what we the families are struggling for. 

So, in the spirits of Wally and Ron, and all the others who died mysteriously, Camp Justice remains.  And the Struggle goes on.  May the Great Spirit watch over you, always.
Dok-Sha (later)

Loren Black Elk
Camp Justice

Our Red Earth Organization Camp Justice Statement
Contributed by Loren Black Elk