American Indian, First Nations, Alaska Native Links & Resources
Annotated And Comprehensive
Action Resource Center -Concentrating on human rights, social justice, forests and environmental issues.

Amazon Watch Home Page -Amazon Watch works with indigenous and environmental organizations in the Amazon Basin to defend the environment and advance indigenous peoples' rights in the face of large-scale industrial development-oil & gas pipelines, power lines, roads, and other mega-projects.

American Comments Magazine -Racism, human rights, and American comments web magazine.  Includes information about racist terms and masots. 

American Indian College Fund -Complete info about the AICF; includes a marketplace/gallery, online reports, and online forms to make contributions online.

American Indian Cultural Support (AICS) -Organization dedicated to preserving sovereignty, legal rights, lands, and cultures.

American Indian Heritage Foundation -Established to provide relief services to Indian people nationwide and to build bridges of understanding and friendship between Indian and non-Indian people.

American Indian Library Association -An affiliate of the ALA, dealing with Indian literature and library services.


Aa-jig-aa-ning AIM (West Michigan-lower peninsula) -Aajigaaning is the traditional Odawa/Ottawa name for Michigan; Autonomous AIM.

American Indian Movement -A page within Dennis Bank's Homepage containing background on AIM, chronological history, and a suggest reading list.

American Indian Movement - Grand Governing Council

American Indian Movement - Arizona Chapter

American Indian Movement - Cleveland, Ohio

American Indian Movement - Flagstaff Arizona Chapter

American Indian Movement - Florida Chapter

American Indian Movement - Southeast Texas

American Indian Movement - Southern California Chapter

American Indian Movement - South Carolina Chapter

American Indian Movement - Texas Chapter

International Confederation Of Autonomous Chapters Of The American Indian Movement - ("AUTOAIM")

AIM Support Of Ohio & Northern Kentucky

AIM Support Of Central Indiana

AIM Support Of Massachusetts

AIM Support Of New Jersey

AIM South Florida Support Groups

American Indian Research And Policy Institute -Information about the legal and political history of American Indian nations.

American Indian Resources -A library of Native American literature, culture, education, history, issues, and language. 

American Indian Religious Freedom Act of 1978 -Sec. 1996. Protection and preservation of traditional religions of Native Americans.

American Indian Ritual Object Repatriation Foundation -Committed to assisting in the return of sacred ceremonial material to the appropriate American Indian Nation, clan, or family, and to educating the public about the importance of repatriation.

Archeological Resources Protection Act of 1979 -Sec. 470aa. Congressional findings and declaration of purpose.


Anna Mae Pictou -Extensive info about the circumstances surrounding the murder of this AIM patriot.

Annie Mae Aquash Online -Indian country news archive; chronicles the life and death of Anna Mae.

Anti-"Chief" Homepage -Info and resources concerning mascots and racism.
Back To The Blanket Journal Home Page -Web page with articles and links, operated in conjunction with a published journal.

Big Mountain -Action Resource Center's page on Big Mountain; gives an overview of the situation.

Big Mountain Dineh Relocation Resistance -Contact info and background concerning Big Mountain.

Bison/Buffalo -Numerous links and articles on this subject.

Black Mesa Indigenous Support -Extensive contact information on Big Mountain.

Buffalo, Save The -Site dedicated to raising awareness of the senseless slaughter of the buffalo of Yellowstone.

Canadian Aboriginal -Source for Canadian aboriginal news & information.

Certificate of Degree of Indian or Alaska Native Blood -Covers documentation requirements and standards for filing, processing, and issuing a Certificate of Degree of Indian or Alaska Native Blood (CDIB) by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA).

Cherokee Fire -Tsalagi owned website with a slant toward current issues of relevance.  The site has message boards and a page devoted to exploitative web pages.

The Circle Online -Native American news and arts.

Dennis Banks Home Page -Mr. Banks' page contains AIM related history, background, and biography.

Department of Defense -Programs involving American Indians, Alaska Natives & Native Hawaiians.

Eagle Feather Permit - Federal Laws -BIA requirements for legally obtaining feathers for religious purposes.

Eagle Protection Act -Dept. Of The Interior laws pertaining to the eagle.

EdgeWood Declaration -Statement released in 1993 by the International Confederation of Autonomous Chapters of the American Indian Movement.

The Existential Indian: An Interview with Russell Means -1996 interview with the famous activist.

First Nations Issues Of Consequence -Jordan Dill's website (aka the "Dickshovel site") is an extensive collection of activist oriented information, and well worth a visit. 

The First Perspective -News of indigenous Peoples of Canada.


Early American Pioneers Held Captive or Killed by Indians

FuneralNet -Resource concerning obituaries, cremation, and cemeteries.  Odd perhaps, but interesting. Home Page -Free genealogy site; recommended.

RootsWeb Surname List -Research a database of surnames.

The Only Good Indian Is A Dead Indian -American Indian stereotypes and the history that gave rise to them. 

Govbot -Database of government websites. -Index Of Native American Resources

A History of Governmentally Coerced Sterilization: The Plight of the Native American Woman -Detailing and exposing these criminal actions against First Nations Women.

In Whose Honor?  American Indian Mascots In Sports -Description of a documentary of Charlene Teter's work against the "Chief Illiniwek" Indian mascot at the University of Illinois.  Has articles and info about "Chief Illiniwek."

Huron Indian Cemetery -The Huron cemetery and the controversies that surround it.
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