What A White Person Can Do
1. Call, fax and write to the White House asking for Leonard Peltier to be granted clemency.

2. Get involved in Big Mountain. Write letters, fax and call to help protect the Elders.

3. Go down and document the harassment of Elders and Big Mountain.

4. Send money, raise money to buy food, fuel and grain for those at Big Mountain.

5. Camp Justice- send supplies and letters of support.

6. Camp Justice- contact the media ask why there is no coverage of the dozens of murders of Natives in South Dakota that remain unsolved.

7. Mikmaq-contact the Canadian government and complain about the way they treat Natives and refuse to honor treaty rights.

8. Rapid City-contact the city council and ask what they are doing to protect homeless Indians from being murdered.

9. Wisconsin Indians are fighting a zinc mine which will pump cyanide into the area's water, destroying their fish supply and wild rice supply.

10. Mascot issues-Redskins, Atlanta Braves, Chief Illiniwek, that fake Seminole in Florida who parades around a horse even though the Seminoles are from the Everglades-not known for the herds of wild horses roaming around. Let the media know that stereotyping of people of the First Nations is unacceptable.

11. Organize a boycot in your area of Arizona Ice Tea, owned by the same company that makes Crazy Horse Malt Liquor-the offensiveness of this product should be easy to understand.

12. Protection of burial mounds and graves.

13. Monitor Ebay for sale of sacred items.

Copyright 2001, Our Red Earth Organization
Contributed by Ramona