That was an experience he had never had. No wizard had ever succeeded in projecting himself into an animal. And to think, it had only required surrendering his soul.


The Sendarian monarch at that time, Ormik the Warlike, raised an army of Sendars, a mismatched and motley crowd, neither infantry nor cavalry' with an odd assortment of weapons, and joined the forces marching south under the generalship of the Rivan Warder.


Tynian observed mildly. I noticed that, Sparhawk agreed. Let's go and tell the Preceptors about Ulesim's accident. Since the Rendors were now militantly indifferent to bridges, ramshorns or the impending battle, the commanders of Martel's army saw that they had no chance whatsoever against the human sea on the far side of the river.
If you push the Alorns too far, Iron-grip's very likely to lose his temper and do something precipitous. If that happens, it could throw this whole business into the lap of pure, random chance.
Of which there are at least two days still to go! 'Very well, at first light we move out, for as I've said, the sun will keep them at bay. But between times we have to be extra careful.