Pam Brown

Pam Brown and Jane Zemiro encounter security on the Ubahn,Berlin.2001

Pam Brown is the author of many books of poetry and prose. Recent titles include Drifting topoi published in 2000 by Vagabond Press, Rare Object Series, Text thing published by Little Esther Books in 2002 and Dear Deliria (New and Selected Poems) from Salt Publishing in 2003. She has also written collaborative texts for performance and made short films and video. Pam Brown lives in Sydney. To visit her more recent
web site, updated in 2008, click here.

    List of Publications

  • Sureblock   1972
  • Cocabola's Funny Picture Book   1973
  • Automatic Sad   1974
  • Correspondences   1979
  • Cafe Sport   1979
  • Country & Eastern  1980
  • Small Blue View  1982
  • Selected Poems 1971-82   1984
  • Keep It Quiet   1987
  • New & Selected Poems   1990
  • This World. This Place.   1994
  • Little Droppings   1994
  • 50-50   1997
  • My Lightweight Intentions   1998, 2006
  • Drifting topoi   2000
  • eleven 747 poems  2002
  • Text thing   2002
  • Dear Deliria   2003
  • Let's Get Lost   2005
  • Peel Me A Zibibbo  2006
  • farout_library_software  2007


Read selections of poems from these publications.

A pamphlet called My Lightweight Intentions was
published by Folio/Salt in the UK in late 1998.

Some newer poems, poems from 50-50,
Text thing and the title poem from Drifting topoi.

For more on Dear Deliria visit Salt Publishing.

Never-Never Books chapbooks 2006

In April 2002, Randolph Healy's Wild Honey Press published
eleven 747 poems and in May 2005, Vagabond Press Stray
Dog Editions published Let's Get Lost, a sequence of poems
from Pam Brown in Trastevere, Rome in correspondence
with Ken Bolton and Laurie Duggan.

In September 2007, Susan Schultz's Tinfish Press published
farout_ library_software, a book of poems written in collaboration
with Seattle-based, Egyptian poet Maged Zaher.

Pam Brown & Susan Schultz - a collaboration
for the International Corporation of Lost Structures - ICOLS

John Kinsella & Pam Brown in conversation

Pam Brown sound files in The Red Room

On editing James Schuyler -
Pam Brown in conversation
with editors Simon Pettet, William Corbett and Nathan Kernan

Illustrated interview - Pam Brown talking to Carolyn Burke
(the biographer of modernist poet Mina Loy)

Poems published online

Selected editing & reviewing - extras.

Pages on New Zealand Electronic Poetry Centre - nzepc

Anecdotes - Towards the 70s and Petersham Days

Order the books.

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