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Who is Peter Dell'Orto?

Well, you can find out more about me from my Myspace profile.

My resume as a playtester and author. Not too extensive, but a website is a great place to place a collection of links to stuff I've written.

My miniatures page. This is where you find what I collect and paint.

My bibliography for GURPS Undead, with the additional books I think are relevent.


My hobbies include fishing, weightlifting, and the martial arts.

I am a former member of Philoktetes Niigata, an outstanding Shooto gym my Bando instructor found for me. That's me in the back, the giant white guy behind all of the Nihonjin. The man at the left in the white shirt is my instructor, Kazeta Jin.
Who was Philoktetes? He was a Greek archer and an argonaut.

I fought in several MMA events, including the East Japan Freshman's Amateur Tournament (I came in 3rd place) and in Shusshu Fight 5.



The Dawn of Magic - Sean Punch's current fantasy roleplaying game webpage. Very nice.

SJG Web Forums - I spend a lot of time here lately, logged in as Toadkiller_Dog.

Weights & Martial Arts A few good sources for workout information are:


and the EXRX Forums.

Dr. Squat

DeFranco's Training Systems, where I currently weight train.

T-Nation - filled with scantily clad "figure athletes" but also packed with training information.

My own training log is online here.

For the martial arts, check out - the homepage of Advanced Fighting Systems, my MMA gym. Dog Brothers Martial Arts - the home of real contact stickfighting.

Bullshido - a useful place to find out who'se a faker and who isn't. As with all forums, some posters are more reliable than others, but generally it's a fun site to look at.

Sherdog - for checking fighter's stats.

Assorted Links

My sister Suzanne is a tremendously gifted artist. See for yourself.

You could help people worse off than yourself this year: check out The Hunger Site - a site where you can have sponsors donate food with just a mouse click - or World Hunger Year.

An Erol Otus galley!

Groove away with some free-form radio on the Internet: WFMU.

Need a reliable source for the news? The only real source is The Onion. Not for the humor impaired.

Neither is Homestarrunner.

I love Glen Cook's writing, especially The Black Company. An excellent page dedicated to Glen Cook could be found here.

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