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Brian Bogart, Intelligent Future

This is Brian Bogart's project - Intelligent Future
The Long War: from NSC68 to 2005 - Eugene Weekly

America Programmed For War

August 12 event: "Without Consent: The Permanent War Policy of 1950."

August 19 event: "Institutions for Hire: Outsourcing Weapons Development to Our Campuses."

August 26 event: "The Inhuman War Machine: Media, Industry, and Defense."

September 2 event: "Reclaiming America's Founding Principles: From Industry Profit to Human Prosperity."

September 9 event: "Reinventing Political Parties: Back to the People."

The Pit and the Pentagon; The Internet and the Endgame (Brian Bogart): www.squadron13.com/Peace/default.htm

They weren't joking about a robot army, shutting down the Net, and increasing the military budget by 20%. Led by the US, nations will now spend their wealth on warfare, in a race to see who's left standing at the end. Our only real hope is a second superpower of united people, somehow and soon, plain and simple.

Most of you know this is my special area of study, and some of you came to my recent presentations on the NSS (National Security Strategy) of 2002. This new NDS is a declaration of war against the world, even our "allies." The European Union is trashing its social programs to gear up for war; they're adopting a permanent war economy like ours. It's an arms race against America, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Please read below.

The UO has 9 DoD contracts currently and more are in negotiations with funding already approved by Congress (this does not include the UO's Riverfront Research Park or its Department of Military Science). From available info, 8 of the 9 projects involve or support nanotechnology development. One is directly tied to DARPA, and others support ongoing DARPA programs that have been parsed out to campuses across the country. In 1989, 270 universities were DoD-contract recipients, so the number is likely far higher today. The Brain Biology and Machine (Interface) Initiative project at the UO stems from DARPA's successful effort to control rats in laboratory settings, and seeks to apply this via nanotechnology to the Pentagon's Future Combat Systems program, which states that current soldiers will be 20 times more powerful (thanks to nanotech) by 2008.

Current (known) UO-DoD Agreements:

National Security Agency   -   Cohomology of Orlik-Solomon Algebras

Office of Naval Research   -   Sum frequency generation Spectroscopy System In-situ Studies of Tribology at Buried Interfaces

Office of Naval Research   -   Phycoerythrin Signatures in the Littoral Zone

Office of Naval Research   -   Molecular Investigations of Interfacial Processes in Tribology

Office of Naval Research   -   Spin-Based Photonics via Electromagnetically Induced Transparency

Office of Naval Research   -   Crystal Engineering of Novel Bulk Thermoelectric Materials

Army Research Office   -   Metallo-Dielectric Photonic Crystals for Optical Applications

US Army   -   Continuation of the Brain Biology and Machine Initiative at the University of Oregon

US Army Corps of Engineers   -   Intergovernmental Personnel Assignment (IPA)

US robot builds copies of itself Story from BBC NEWS May 11, 2005:

Nanotechnology and the Precautionary Principle
Published May 5, 2005

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    Research links:
  • Future Combat Systems: http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/systems/ground/fcs.htm
  • MIT Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies: http://web.mit.edu/isn/
  • MIT World of Films: http://mitworld.mit.edu/video/242/
  • US Army Natick Soldier Center: http://www.natick.army.mil/soldier/index.htm
  • Natick Soldier Center Future Force Warrior: http://www.natick.army.mil/soldier/WSIT/
  • Heritage Foundation: http://www.heritage.org/
  • ARPANET; Birth of the Internet: http://smithsonian.yahoo.com/arpanet.html
  • Post Carbon Institute: http://www.postcarbon.org/
  • Federation of American Scientists: http://www.fas.org/main/home.jsp
  • FAS Project on Government Secrecy (also subscribe to receive the best newsletter): http://www.fas.org/sgp/index.html

See Norman Solomon's TruthOut article of March 25

See the full 24-page NDS document (the unclassified part) at: http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/library/policy/dod/nds-usa_mar2005.htm

(1.6MB PDF download available)

Pentagon Reaffirms Globocop Role by Jim Lobe

Published on Tuesday, March 22, 2005 the Inter-Press Service


May 26, interviewed on KOPT, 1600 AM

DARPA: Much of the DOD research may be harmless, but the UO is involved.

Most of the research now involves nanotechnology. It's a whole new boom area. There are no regulations on nanotech. They can create molecules that can grow a table.

What's being released into the air and ground?

Pentagon strategy - reachback, or, killing by remote control. Power feeds the money back to the financiers.

Power pyramid - Expansion of the empire is for defense. The new strategy of the Pentagon is a continuing state of war to globally perpetuate the creative destruction of American capitalism...

The redeployment of American forces to maintain that state.

To Reclaim the Cosmic Perspective: Read "The Tao of Pooh," by Benjamin Hoff

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