Painted Snake Rocks!

1. Find a nice round rock. If it is on someoneís property ask permission to take it. Look in creek beds, and in the woods.

2. Wash and scrub all dirt off the rock and let it dry.

3. Decide what kind of snake you want to draw. Look in reptile books or make up your own design.

4. Sketch the snake body on the rock in pencil or chalk. Put your finger in the center of the rock and trace around to form the head. Draw evenly spaced spirals around the head to form the coils of the snake. See picture at top of page.

5. Sketch where the snakes stripes will be.

6. Use acrylic paints to paint your snake. Start with the lightest color and work up to the dark colors, with black last. If you are painting a Coral or King Snake start with yellow, then red, then black.See pictures below.

7. You will need to use at least two coats of paint to get a good picture. Use smooth brush strokes, donít glob the paint! Be patient, paint jobs never look good after the first coat! If you make a mistake fix it with a second or third coat.

8. You can use a hair dryer to dry paint between coats.

9. Add the eye ball and tongue, if you want to!

10. Use a black Sharpie pen to add final details.

11. Spray the snake with clear acrylic spray paint after it is completely dry.

12. Write your name, date, the snakes name and poem on the back of the rock.

13. Display your snake in your room or in your garden.

Coral Snake - Red, Yellow kill a fellow (this snake is poisonous!

Scarlet King Snake - Red, Black poison lack (this snake is non-poisonous!)

The Scarlet King Snake and the Coral Snake both are found in Florida and southern states. Coral Snake venom is almost as strong as Cobra venom. There are not many reported bites from the Coral Snake because it is very shy and avoids people. If you are not sure if a snake is poisonous or not - LEAVE IT ALONE!!

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