In Loving Memory of Heather Lynne Williamson
May 21, 1976 - April 19, 1999

Heather Lynne Williamson, 3 days old.

Heather's Birthday

Happy 30th Birthday, Heather Lynne,
My precious Daughter, may you have the grandest of Birthdays ever this year! I know, your favorite place to go was to theme parks, and since we lived so close to Great Adventures, New Jersey,
I would buy extra tickets at the Fort Monmouth travel center on base to take you and your friends
for the day, when you were older, you and your friends were old enough to go without me!

But at times, you still liked for me, to take you and your friends to Great Adventures,
or other theme parks.....

We had great fun together: all of us, laughing, smiling, joking around with one another... those were the days, so much happier, fun times which I cherished the memories, and pictures, as that is all that I have left of you, here on earth, but someday,we will be united together my darling, daughter Heather Lynne. Today, I want to wish you, the grandest of birthdays ever, so in your memory,
and in honor of your 30th Birthday, I dedicated this memorium page to you.

I chose the theme rollercoaster also the music in the background as it reminded me, as when you were smaller, when we attended other parks, and circus's events. In Pa., also De., also N.J., as you were born in State College,Pa., 30 yrs. ago today May 21,1976, but raised in Pa. and De. and also N.J.

You were such a precious baby girl, with coal black hair, blue eyes, and so long,and thin...... You were a "darlin," and my "Joy, also my Sunshine," I treasured you! I wanted a baby girl for 6 yrs. I had almost given up hope ever having another child, but then God blessed me, with you.

Heather, age 4.

I can remember when your step-father Mark, came home from over the road, being gone for 3 mos. as he was a cross-country trucker. He promised to take us out for the whole day, we both were surprised at this remark: as he never did a family thing with us, but he lived up to his word, and took you, and 2 of your friends, and he, and I to Great Adventure for the whole day. You and I were totally blown-away, I remembered you kept asking me, "Mom, are we really going as a family for the whole day?" I kept saying, as far as I know, we are! This was a 1st as he did not do family functions with us very often. Heather Lynne and her friends, or my friends would go places together all the times...

You and I would pack a cooler with sodas, and suntan lotion/gel so that we would not burn, since we have very fair skin tones. You had to have your sunglasses which became a trademark of yours.

We had a cozy ride from our apt to Great Adventure, with everyone talking at once at times, laughing, silly jokes being whispered in the car! When we got to the park, everyone wanted to go on the water rides, we forgot to bring the towels..... and since it was so early in the morning, we decided to just ride the ferries wheel, and other rides. I would not go on the big rollercoaster as I was injured in a car accident, and some rides were posted not to ride if you had certain injuries to your spine so I declined on those rides, but I watched from the sidelines as you, Mark, Angela,
and her little brother rode the big rides.........

You were all smiles, laughing, all of you were acting so silly, but having a time of your life! I was so thrilled to stand in the sidelines and watch you! Towards later afternoon, you all insisted all going on the water rides, so I said : okay, I don't have towels, but there is a blanket in the car's trunk, and we can put the heater on to dry you guys off...... No one cared, as everyone wanted to go on the water rides, except for the 2 adults........... I remember the ride home, all 3 children were wrapped up in the blanket, and they had the heater on, and were sticking close together to stay warm.......
but no one had regrets for going on the water rides as they had a blast that day!

I hope this year you get to ride the biggest rollercoaster ride ever with your little brother, and sister, also all your new Heavenly Angelfriends that you have met, and made friends with
these last 7 yrs. in Heaven!

Heather Lynne, you were my Happiness,
my Hope, my inspiration,
my Joy, my Light, my Life,
my Love, my Sunshine!
my whole World!

@ Written by Linda S. Morton, 0/5/11/06

Happy 30th Birthday, my dearest Heather Lynne,
I have loved you, while you were on this earth, and I love you more in death, and each day that passes we are one day closer to being together forever!

I miss my daughter, also my best friend, I miss your voice, our weekly phone talks from Puerto Rico, I miss your baby Kiven, cooing in the background, I miss my grandsons, so much and hope, and pray that someday, they won't be Missing Children anymore, that I will be reunited with them.

Heather with her baby boy Kiven.

I miss your laughter, I miss your yearly May/June home visits, miss your hugs, and kisses,
I miss the "I Love you, Mom."

Heather Lynne, 1st cheerleading picture, Freshman Year.


Heather in Puerto Rico, months before her murder.

I am so proud to have been your Mother,
my dearest Heather Lynne, and Happy 30th Birthday, my Sweetie.

Mom Loves you so much - words cannot express just how much, and how much I miss you,
my precious, only daughter Heather Lynne,
Happy 30th Birthday Heather Lynne,
Love, your Mom,
@ Written by Linda Morton, 05/11/06

For your Sweet Heather

I had to make something that would be so reminiscent of Heather,
so I chose the boardwalk scene of Wildwood,
the New Jersey shore that she loved so well.
My beautiful daughter Laura and I spent much time 'down the shore' also, just we two sometimes,
and I hold those memories forever in my heart
but I no longer go to Wildwood
for the sadness of memories I left behind there.
I pray that your suffering heart finds heaven's gentleness
Ann, Laurasmom

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