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Hello! Thank you for visiting my web page. Here's a brief history of my life: I was born and raised in the Bay Area, all 34 years. I went to school at UC Santa Barbara, which is also a great place to live (I also went to UCSD and Tsinghua Univ in China, for summer school). I graduated in March of 1995 with a BA in Business Economics with an emphasis in accounting and a minor in Chinese (Mandarin). Currently I work for a large company in Silicon Valley, and I manage the technology program for SOX 404 compliance. My husband, Andy, is the VP of engineering at a start-up. My brother Jason is a producer at SEGA of America. I have an adorable 6 year old Shiba Inu dog named Tobiko which I purchased from Totoro Shibas. Toby's mom's name is Tomiko and his dad is named Koki (from Copperdot Shibas). Toby has his mom's size & personality and his dad's looks. My parents have an adorable cream colored Pomeranian named Koko. Koko is 10 years old. Other hobbies/interests include: cooking, gardening, scrapbooking, running, Origami, eating out (especially noodles & sushi), shopping, reading, playing the piano (9 years), racing cars at Malibu, playing video games (Tetris and Bust a move are the favs), and photography. I married my boyfriend of 2 years, Andrew Fetterer, on 10/6/01, at Guglielmo Winery in Morgan Hill, CA. We purchased a new home together in Fremont, CA and moved into the home officially on Sept 24, 2000. We got engaged on October 7, 2000 at Brigadoon Castle in Igo, CA. Update: We had our first child, Marsanne Mei-hua Fetterer, on Octobert 25th, 2004. We sold our home in Fremont and now live in Dublin. Here are some of my favorite sites and other pages of mine!

Pictures of our daughter, Marsanne
Pictures of our new home under construction
Pictures of our Fremont home
Pictures of our backyard (Fremont home)
Toby's web page!
A picture of our dog, Toby
Pictures of Toby & Koko
Toby's dad's web site (Koki)
Where we got engaged
Where we got married
My favorite scrapbook store
My favorite bath products....the soaps, bath bombs, and bath melts are amazing!! They also have a store now in SF
My favorite skin care products- can be purchased online or at Nordstrom in Palo Alto, CA
If you're a lip balm junkie (like I am), you'll love this site!
UCSB - This is where I went to school
This is my favorite chinchilla web site (I used to have 7 of them!)
My web page wouldn't have existed if it were not for this guy (Wes)
Hello Kitty - Sanrio Page - Lots of cute stuff
This is our official web page. Go to pictures to see pictures of our 3D ultrasound.
This is the web page for the realtor who sold our home. Highly recommended!
This is the builder for our new home.
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