This is a stone along the path of our lives and we would like to invite you to step along the path with us.

We are Mark and Lois and this is our first water garden web page, our pond, bog and gardens are a work in progess. We are Zone 6 in Southwestern Ontario. The pond was installed in August of 1999 . I did research for 3 years, Lois says I procrastinated until we finally saw a pond we liked. The pond is done in limestone because we wanted all the nooks and pockets of the limestone to stick plants into

There are some things about the pond I need to tell you, first, there is no bio-filter system. Second, all the plants in the pond are planted bare root in pea gravel. Third, the pond bottom is covered with 1-4" river run rocks. Four, we have goldfish in the pond. Five, most everything is movable and we are constantly moving plants from place to place. Lois says I should just put them on coasters and be done with it.

"Morning Falls"

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