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Welcome to Tarot Inspiration - The Book of Thoth website
This site addresses the art of tarot reading, especially The Book of Thoth deck designed by Aleister Crowley and painted by Lady Frieda Harris.
It is the intention of this site to act as a source of inspiration, to readers of The Book of Thoth, but hopefully readers of other tarot decks will bennefit of the information on this site too.
Readers of The Book of Thoth are invited to take part in the ongoing project of the collection of interpretations for The Book of Thoth.

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Visit the Bookstore I have collected a list of books related to The Book of Thoth and a list of different Thoth decks too. You can go there by clicking the Books tab at the top or by clicking here.
New book: Promethea
Featured book: Keywords for the Crowley Tarot

Thoth discussion forum
Go to The Thoth discussion forum to discuss issues on The Book of Thoth with others.
This place is for discussion and everybody who has something to say (questions, answers or information) is encouraged to take part.

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