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Gail Curtis - 01/24/00 22:44:33
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/Heartland/Vista/2383
My Email:gail_curtis_1999@yahoo.com
Favorite Cooking Type: all types

I really enjoyed your site. I was looking for recipies for diabetics because my Aunt has been told she has high blood sugar. If you can help I would really appreciate it. She thinks everything is going to taste terrible.

Bob - 01/23/00 23:36:26
My Email:drw3home@yahoo.com
Favorite Cooking Type: southwest

This a real enjoyable site and will visit it often!

WAYNE DUGAN - 12/28/99 00:14:39
My Email:wdugan42@hotmail.com
Favorite Cooking Type: LOW FAT & LOW CHOLESTEROL

Hi: I found your web page while looking for some good low fat recipes. The Dr. said to lose weight, I thought I would try low fat first.

Berta - 12/23/99 02:34:51
My URL:http://www.bertascooking.com
My Email:berta@bertascooking.com
Favorite Cooking Type: Mediterranean

Nice gathering of information and recipes. Keep the good work up !. When you have a spare time, check my site too. Love, Berta

D. Fontenot - 11/27/99 18:33:14
My URL:http://cajuncooking.tripod.com
My Email:cajuncooking@hotmail.com
Favorite Cooking Type: Cajun

Love your site, it is really cool. Check out my Cajun Cooking recipe site when you get a chance. The address is http://cajuncooking.tripod.com

Shannon - 11/26/99 23:08:34
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/d_e_a_n_2000/dean.html
My Email:loisette@therumbles.net


TV Watchkins

'Your Page is Great Viewing', from the TelevisionCity CL's.

11/25/99 10:12:16
Name: Girls of ICQ My URL: Visit Me
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Just surfing and came accross your page Thanks

- 11/24/99 16:25:49


- 10/08/99 14:46:03


Rob Thomas - 10/03/99 14:22:12
My Email:tmarilynn@hotmail.com
Favorite Cooking Type: all

enjoyed all that I had time for, will return.

Dale M. Smalley - 09/21/99 18:08:36
My Email:smalley@teisprint.com
Favorite Cooking Type: desert


- 09/11/99 19:19:17


Wendy B - 08/22/99 15:26:37
My Email:dave-wen@reach.net
Favorite Cooking Type: Greek

Very nice site...BUT..alot of your links are dead ends :( Needs to be updated.. Thanks

Nozer Karbhari - 08/07/99 09:34:24
My Email:carental@bom5
Favorite Cooking Type: Parsi Chinese thai moghali


Christina - 07/23/99 19:07:03
My Email:lepatina@aol.com
Favorite Cooking Type: all

I love this site because there are so many different recipies to choose from.

Alana Rossi* - 07/22/99 08:20:36
My Email:crossi@networx.net.au
Favorite Cooking Type: Italian

I thought that this site was very interesting but on the other hand it did not have the information that I was looking for, I wanted to know a basic Italian meal for the day, for example , What Italian eat for breakfast -lunch-dinner. So I think that this site should have a little information about the country itself and when/what types of days they eat that particular type of food. Thanx ..............

- 07/19/99 00:30:54


Tami Alvarez - 07/03/99 18:46:16
My Email:tamia@ix.netcom.com
Favorite Cooking Type: Mexican & Indian

I'm new to this site but really like it. My husband is Mexican & I am Indian. I am always looking for new Mexican receipts. Hope to visit again soon.

Molly Royle - 06/30/99 14:20:17
My Email:MRoyle5414@aol
Favorite Cooking Type: southern

Hi Sambo, Made it on to your site! looks Great.. we will talk soon.

Pat - 06/28/99 19:13:14
My Email:mypug@acninc.net
Favorite Cooking Type: low fat sugar free

I'm new to this internet, Have enjoyed your recipe guys. Look forward to some new recipies.

Sharon Stevens - 05/19/99 20:40:37
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/Paris/Lights/3739/index.html
My Email:sharons@uniserve.com
Favorite Cooking Type: Tall dark and handsome! 8-}

Hey Sam... where have you been?? I have missed you. Give me a shout and let me know what you email address is. Katherine Cone was asking about you also. Please stay in touch.

Stefanie Osmar - 04/05/99 19:38:46
Favorite Cooking Type: italiano

you have a very nice webpage. you gave me lots of information

Dave & Louise Roy b - 03/26/99 20:43:48
My Email:davidroy@cot.net

I think your site ia great

Sue - 03/20/99 02:08:52
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/NapaValley/Vineyar/3207/
My Email:sklapper@prodigy.net
Favorite Cooking Type: Home Cooking

I enjoyed your site, especially your great links. Thanks for sharing. Come visit my site when you have a chance. Sue.

Antionette Rameriz - 03/11/99 22:38:52
My Email:tazlover@rocketmail.com
Favorite Cooking Type: mexican

My husband is a very picky eater but loves any kind of mexican food. However he's having a problem with heartburn after such meals. Is there a way to make them less acidic?

Martin Battaliou - 03/10/99 22:27:08
My URL:http://www.angelfire.com/mb/bbep/javascript.html


Rock on people, this is a great site. Thanks for letting me sign your guestbook. Keep up the good work.

Re ards
Martin Battaliou


sandra - 02/28/99 10:43:15
My URL:http://members.xoom.com/13thbbsq/
My Email:sfenton@oocities.com
Favorite Cooking Type: vegetarian

Looks like you've got some really good recipes here. Will have to print them out and try some. Thanks!

Nichole - 02/25/99 19:54:37
My URL:http://morrisville.edu
My Email:byard89.morrisville.edu
Favorite Cooking Type: fried,steamed,baked

I would like to dubscribe to your mailing list because I like to make Italian food and desserts. I am also looking for a site to do my class project on. thank you for your time.

Patricia Ellis - 02/19/99 23:42:47
My Email:MzPatann@aol.com
Favorite Cooking Type: cookies

Lots to look at - I'm just getting started!

jgeytel - 02/19/99 23:12:00
My Email:jgeytel@silcon.com
Favorite Cooking Type: Thai,Indonesian,

where are the recipes?

Helga Helgadóttir - 02/16/99 08:29:52
Favorite Cooking Type: vegetarian


Shaun Lim - 02/03/99 00:58:49
My Email:JLIM616286@aol.com
Favorite Cooking Type: Filipino and Chinese

If anybody knows how to make egg noodles and Shui Mai wrappers please e-mail me. Thank You.

Robert Riley - 01/21/99 11:11:20
My Email:robert.riley@burnley.ac.uk


just call me Crocodile - 01/09/99 21:46:37
My URL:don't have one
My Email:?????can't tell!
Favorite Cooking Type: burgers

love your site and i love food (i'm not overweight) can't wait tell you get more recipies!

LINA GAMINO - 01/09/99 19:51:35
Favorite Cooking Type: ANYKIND


Karen Darrow - 01/08/99 15:38:49
My Email:dadarrow@superior.net
Favorite Cooking Type: lowfat, vegetarian

I am trying to find a recipe for raspberry walnut cake for a friend. If anyone could help me, I would really appreciate it. I have checked all of the cooking sites I know of, to no avail.

Cliff Ingham - 01/05/99 23:33:44
My URL:http://www.disabled-artists.com
My Email:thebear@disabled-artists.com
Favorite Cooking Type: ? All

Hi.. It is so refreshing to see that the internet is still being used as it was first designed. That is as a free information message sharing place. It has become notheing but money amaking place for so many. You have really done a lot of research in your site. You sure got a lot of hit's . Just shows ya how poeple like to eat. Keep up the good work. If you view my site you will not see anyting. I took it down to rework it with a new web design soft ware that I just bought. Hope to have it up as soon as I learn how to use it. Yours Truly, Cliff Ingham

Brice H. Pearson - 12/23/98 22:12:03
My Email:ladycady@televar.com
Favorite Cooking Type: all types

I am retired from State of Alaska service an presently work seasonally at a Golf Course in Wilbur Washington. During the winter months I love to cook and look through cookbooks. Once on line, I have found surfing the web for recipes. Your web site is on of the better ones. I will visit it often. Do you change or add you your lists Your truly, Brice

ida steeves - 12/08/98 21:40:31
Favorite Cooking Type: italian

I love the cooking homepage

John Paul - 11/17/98 00:15:53
My Email:johnpaul@execpc.com
Favorite Cooking Type: all

I hope I am not bothering you - I am in a bit of a jam and I don't have a lot of time. My diabetic father is coming over for thanksgiving dinner and would like us to make him an apple pie that would taste good and that he could eat. Knowing the diabetic eating constraints, I don't suppose you could help us out, could you? Thanks for your time.

Mary Ann Day - 11/14/98 05:02:45
My URL:http://panda@pathwaynet.com
My Email:panda@pathwaynet.com
Favorite Cooking Type: all type oc cooking

guts droped in.

joshua d logan - 11/12/98 17:44:31


- 11/11/98 02:59:11


Tanya Rhodes - 11/05/98 16:51:46
Favorite Cooking Type: Chinese

Good recipies.

liesbeth - 11/05/98 15:54:47
My Email:liesbeth_d@hotmail.com

This is a great homepage for international vegetarians like my sister and me!

George - 10/29/98 05:32:52
My Email:hobot@ropnet.ru

Good day from Russia! My name GEORGE KHOBOTJEV. I have 37 years old. I have too wife, daughter 11 years ols and mom. We live in Moscow, capital of Russia. I shall be glad if in result of our correspondence you will learn a lot of new about culture of Russia, about a her history and about modern events. I and my family we like the culinary recipes and we can exchange them with by you. You will be interested by Russian meal? But I write not only because of desire of an exchange. Unfortunately, now Russia experiences very difficult times, and just with by meal in to our country it is now very bad. After falls of rouble in 3 times to buy meal began much more difficultly than earlier. Therefore I shall be grateful for your any help. That will help us to go through difficult winter, and not only us, but also our second child, which birth in end of November. My e-mail: hobot@ropnet.ru

Alberto Shamah - 10/25/98 14:17:09
My Email:ashamah@hotmail.com
Favorite Cooking Type: Mexican

I am openning a mexican restaurant and was looking for recipies. Any help?

Joyce Rozell - 10/13/98 02:58:40
My Email:jrozell@junction.net
Favorite Cooking Type: Old Canadian Receipes


10/05/98 11:44:42
Name: Bad Bunny My URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me

Nice page. Very informative. Keep it up.

Cynthia - 09/29/98 00:39:10
My Email:fishatir@swbell.net
Favorite Cooking Type: Korean/Mexican

I have been trying to find a site that offers a variety of recipies, Especially Korean. Your site is great. I found exactly what I needed. korean marinade!

sophie - 09/28/98 13:00:18
My URL:http://www.vowles.com.au\sophie
My Email:sophie@vowles.com.au
Favorite Cooking Type: Dinner Party and Entertaining Food

Great site - I have visted often. You are also on my home page as one of my Fave Links. Excellant recipes for new and suprising meals for my friends. Thanks.

JUDY DAVIS - 09/26/98 21:29:43
My Email:jdavis@tdn.com
Favorite Cooking Type: Plain home cooking


DEW - 09/22/98 13:06:05
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/Wellesley/Garden/1307/
Favorite Cooking Type: Anything without meat.

Hi! You've a phenomenal site! I'm going do more than just bookmark it, I'm going to extend your web page range as a link on mine. That way others can discover and delight in all your earnest and conscientious hard work too. Genuinely, DEW DEW's Preferred Diversities

strobel - 09/14/98 18:15:16
My Email:dstrobel@scia.net
Favorite Cooking Type: all


geetha prasad - 09/01/98 05:55:23
My Email:praneet@hd1.vsnl.net.in
Favorite Cooking Type: indian

your indian recipies are very authentic .

Mary Ann Matzer - 08/16/98 16:07:21
My Email:MATZER2@aol.com
Favorite Cooking Type: lighter/more veg

Love your sight

- 08/09/98 20:28:21


Candie - 08/08/98 20:49:53
My Email:arnie@midusa.net
Favorite Cooking Type: Good-n-easy

Great recipes, easy to use - I'll be back !!!

raw - 07/28/98 19:24:22
My Email:raw@shaw.wave.ca
Favorite Cooking Type: chocolate anything

Loved my first glance at your site and will visit and study when I have more time!!! Lots of good stuff including Godiva which I mentioned. See you in a couple of weeks! Ruth-Ann

Jan - 07/21/98 21:13:23
My Email:TiffanyBrandon@email.msn.com
Favorite Cooking Type: Mexican Taco shells

Great page I printed out a few recipes .What I really need to know is how to make taco shells (from scratch)I've been to the libary they had a very poor selection.Ive asked on the internet but no one seems to know.Hopefully you can help me out.Much apprec ated thankyou.HUNGREY FOR THEM TACOS!!!!

Gary Hartford - 07/14/98 15:14:24
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/heartland/prairie/1664/
My Email:glhartford@pacwest.net
Favorite Cooking Type: ????? do you mean recipe? utensil? heat source? or ????

Really like your page. Also, am happy to see another Qbook user. I've tried MM and others but keep coming back to Qbook for it's ease of use and the ability to put anything in it. Noted that you mentioned Sharon... she is a neat lady, and I have a BUNCH of recipes from her. Gary

alayne - 07/11/98 03:05:51
My Email:alayne@ncn.net
Favorite Cooking Type: desserts

Great website! I used this website in a college

Randy Becker - 07/03/98 07:23:37
My Email:ran@canadawired.com
Favorite Cooking Type: oreintal stirfry

What the hell good are #440 Item dose not exsist errors? I linked to both the Thai sites and received the error. As if you think I will ever come back! You have left a "bad taste" in my mouth!

Steve - 06/21/98 05:47:11
My Email:Frik_N_Frak.com
Favorite Cooking Type: southern

give me more fried chicken and mashed potatoes but realy, this is a great site, and keep up the good work.

Ottaviana - 06/17/98 14:26:26
My Email:ottaviana@hotmail.com
Favorite Cooking Type: Italian of couse!

You have a great page here, layed out ever so well.
Stop by and add a link, also apply for my "Buon Gusto" award, visit our "Cooking Chat" and become a member. And please don't forget to sign my guestbook.

If Traditional is what your looking for come and visit us.

Swati Diggikar - 06/15/98 20:59:05
My Email:swatidiggikar@hotmail.com
Favorite Cooking Type: Indian,Chinese,Thai

Your site is simply great!!!!Can you send me the recipe for BHUTANI CHICKEN which I had in Hyderabad,INDIA.

Teresa - 06/07/98 19:40:20
My Email:tajames.erols.com
Favorite Cooking Type: mexican

Excellent web page. Great variety

autumn - 05/28/98 23:24:42
My Email:auts_69
Favorite Cooking Type: mexican/chineese

send me some recipes

autumn - 05/28/98 23:23:18
My Email:auts_69
Favorite Cooking Type: mexucan/chineese

send me some recipes

Joe Comiskey - 05/22/98 20:45:03
My URL:http://pages.prodigy.net/mad-squad
My Email:jpmd44a@prodigy.com

Just surfed in to look around your site, and to say Hello.   If you get a chance, stop by my site, and please don't forget to sign my ALMOST Brand New guestbook [bg].

Mad's Recipe Emporium

Teri - 05/19/98 10:09:58
My URL:http://members.aol.com/tfost123/index.html
My Email:tfost123@aol.com
Favorite Cooking Type: everything

Just verifying my links and stopped in to browse. I always enjoy looking around your site.

Ashley Pellizzari - 05/05/98 14:32:54
My Email:apellizzari@hotmail.com
Favorite Cooking Type: Italian

I believed that your coooking recipies were very unique and I really enjoyed them Ashley

Sarah Medvinsky - 03/28/98 21:25:12
Favorite Cooking Type: passover food

i love your site because it had everything i wanted in 1 orgenized site!

THOMAS L.BURRESS - 03/25/98 14:45:26
Favorite Cooking Type: ALL TYPES


Debi - 03/25/98 07:54:10
My URL:http://members.aol.com/oamcloop/index.html
My Email:dsimple@aol.com
Favorite Cooking Type: Once-a-Month Cooking

I just stumbled across your web-page. It looks great! I have a web-page dedicated to the popular and economical once-a-month cooking method. The link I've included in this guestbook entry will take you there if you'd like to visit. ~Debi

Debi - 03/25/98 07:51:56
My URL:http://members.aol.com/oamcloop/index.html
My Email:dsimple@aol.com
Favorite Cooking Type: Once-a-Month Cooking

I just stumbled across your web-page. It looks great! I have a web-page dedicated to the popular and economical once-a-month cooking method. The link I've included in this guestbook entry will take you there if you'd like to visit. ~Debi

Teri Foster - 02/15/98 15:13:23
My URL:http://members.aol.com/tfost123/cooking.html
My Email:tfost123@aol.com
Favorite Cooking Type: Pasta

Just doing my monthly verification of links and stopped in to browse. Looks great!

- 02/07/98 09:20:41


- 02/06/98 02:49:09

The auto-launch message from your sponsers is very annoying. I'm looking for Thai recipes, but your link is corrupted. I keep going back and forth to your home page, and am growing very tired of the "message"

Ruth Newton - 12/15/97 13:02:59
My Email:newt@ldr.coolsky.com
Favorite Cooking Type: cookies

My dad and sister are diabetic and I was want cookies recipes to make for them for Christmas and thought of looking in internet for recipes for them. So I will be visting your site a lot for recipes for I can make for them. Thank alot for having this site Ruth Newton 1824 Fruit ST. Huntington, IN. 46750-1532

Hamsa Prasad - 12/10/97 18:40:05
My Email:srikantaprasad@msn.com
Favorite Cooking Type: Vegetarian

I am really impressed with your web site. Great job. As a vegetarian I hardly get to see so much of variety. I am especially impressed with your selection of Indian Cuisine as I am from India. It is very rare to see a recipe like Kosambri(Salad)on the web Believe me It is the Healthiest salad to eat for any person who is trying to eat no/low fat but a tasty salad.

SUZANNE LESLIE - 12/01/97 22:12:47
Favorite Cooking Type: FRENCH


janet jimenez - 11/09/97 02:25:43
My Email:nickja@mail.mia.bellsouth.net
Favorite Cooking Type: cuban food

you're web site is GREAT!!!!

Nolajone - 10/18/97 16:07:05
My Email:Nolajone@AOL.com
Favorite Cooking Type: Healthy

Great set of pages!

Irma S. Moss - 09/30/97 18:38:19
My Email:ismoss@fagan.uncg.edu
Favorite Cooking Type: low fat, gourmet, chocolate, just plain GOOD food


Mary Riemerman - 09/21/97 17:26:27
My Email:rieme005@tc.umn.edu
Favorite Cooking Type: FOOD!

Masa Harina comment to "buddha"; re: the question that was asked, do you want to actually make your own Masa Harina or are you talking about making your own tortillas? All I would know about the former is get some lye--- I would like to know if anyone out there makes fried rice as I do. I brown the raw Uncle Ben's rice first till it gets all brown and puffy and then add boiling water and cook with whatever additions you care to make. Mary R.

Debora Foote - 09/16/97 22:30:39
My Email:footie06@accnorwalk.com
Favorite Cooking Type: Slovak, and Italian

Looking for a recipe for Bows. It's an Italian cookie made with shortening and sprinkled with powdered sugar. My mother-in-law ties them in a bow type knot before she bakes them

Debora Foote - 09/16/97 22:26:02
My Email:footie06@accnorwalk.com
Favorite Cooking Type: Slovak, and Italian

Looking for a recipe for Bows. It's an Italian cookie made with shortening and sprinkled with powdered sugar. My mother-in-law ties them in a bow type knot before she bakes them

Jane Winkenwerder - 09/14/97 17:32:32
My Email:CWink123@aol.com
Favorite Cooking Type: Gluten-Free

I came to this site looking for Gluten-Free information. This is a great site and many of the recipes can be adapted for my diet. However, it would be great if you had a catagory for Gluten-Free recipes.

Buddha - 09/10/97 06:13:01
My Email:71143.272@compuserve.com
Favorite Cooking Type: Mexican

Greetings, How to make Masa Harina? Remote pacific resident. I have to do it all myself.

Sharon Stevens - 09/09/97 22:06:21
My Email:sharon@fido.island.net
Favorite Cooking Type: Natcho Spuds!

This is a great area Sam! Lots of things to look at and many cool recipes to try out. Nice to see Kathryn's artwork on here too... course I especially enjoy reading about Mannie! 8-} Hi to all the great people that love to cook!

Patrick - 09/02/97 21:04:20
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/napavalley/1016
My Email:blarney-rubble@oocities.com
Favorite Cooking Type: french

Nice Sight! glad I stumbled on it! I'll bookmark it and come back often!

Jim Robins - 09/01/97 01:30:00
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/Athens/Acropolis/1567
My Email:jrobins@intcomm.net
Favorite Cooking Type: Italian and anything that's good!

Fantastic page! Thank you for such a *great* resource for food and recipes and all kinds of good stuff! Gotta go...your site makes me hungry!! Be well, my friend, and keep on "cookin'"! -jim

Kay - 08/18/97 03:33:23 GMT
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/Heartland/Prairie/5794/
My Email:Ka-Da@msn.com
Favorite Cooking Type: Baking

I REALLY LOVE this site! I can promise you I will be back!!! PLEASE STOP BY MY PAGE!!

Robin - 08/12/97 18:04:19 GMT
My URL:http://www.siedschlag.com/robin/rds81.html
My Email:robin@full-moon.com
Favorite Cooking Type: Indian, Chinese, Korean

Very nice site! If you would like to trade links on my Foodlink sub-page, located at: http://www.siedschlag.com/robin/foodlink.html please let me know! Thanks~

Jean Mooney - 08/07/97 03:36:42 GMT
My Email:stnick@horizon.hit.net
Favorite Cooking Type: ethnic, vegetarian, no-fat


Michael Loo - 08/05/97 22:10:55 GMT
My URL:you gotta be kidding
My Email:mloo@juno.com
Favorite Cooking Type: food

Sam, I'm here visiting my brother who has graphical web access - your page looks good - congratulations. Have a good summer - busy - signing off now

judy jones - 07/29/97 22:30:38 GMT
My Email:cucina@crosslink.net
Favorite Cooking Type: Italian

I am a culinary school graduate, have taught, catered and now am just doing it for fun. would love to hear from anyone wishing to exchange receipes..am also amember of the James Beard Foundation.

Sam Lefkowitz - 07/14/97 11:29:41 GMT
My Email:samiam@user.rose.com
Favorite Cooking Type: All Kinds

This is to let Mary and all know that you can leave comments and exchange ideas on the link just below, It is the graphic that say Home Cooking Message Board.


Mary Riemerman - 07/12/97 22:03:10 GMT
My Email:rieme005@tc.umn.edu
Favorite Cooking Type: vegetarian

Hi Sam and all the rest of you folks I know and love! Hot day in St. Paul MN today. Staying inside, I am. Good day to check out the net. For all to see---I think Sam's page is the greatest. He is a mensch and all good things should come his way. This new webpage feature is wonderful. I'll be checking in to see who all participates. (Can I do that, Sam?) luv, Mary Riemerman

Doughboy - 07/09/97 11:36:09 GMT
My Email:aa927@torfree.net
Favorite Cooking Type: Thai

Nice stuff on the page. Must have taken a lot of work.

Phil Prudhomme - 06/30/97 19:22:11 GMT
My Email:pp@gourmet.com
Favorite Cooking Type: Cajun

Wonderful Page Sam. I'm gonna tell my cousin Paul about it! Phamous Phil

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