spl728: From now on you shall be called Brian,
which means ... Brian

Well, to start off my name is Brian Cheung.  I'm currently 14 years old.  I'm from Texas, but I moved to California.  I was a CL for about 2 years in Colosseum, then I moved here to good ol Paris.  I love playing lacrosse, playing writing and listening to music.  I've played the tenor sax for about 3 years now, the piano for about 6 years, and the clarinet for about 5 years.  I've been connected to this wonderful internet for close to 4 years.  I've made webpages for headhunters, friends, etc.  I like to listen to R&B, Alternative, Jazz, Classical, basically anything where you can understand the words.  I love dancing to that old '50s music, because I can actually dance to that and it's got good beat.


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