I am 24 years old and I live in Calgary, AB, Canada. I'm a mother; I have a four year old son and a newborn son. (The photo was taken just days after he was born.) I'm currently engaged to a wonderful man. I'm a stay home mom and I spend my spare time designing webpages, surfing the net, writing, making jewelry, and enjoying hockey.

I'm a writer.  I've written a novel and am trying to get it published right now. I also write some short stories and poems. Some of my stories and poems have been published, but I never got paid for them. I don't write to make money anyhow, I write because I have a passion for the written word and I like to share my thoughts with others.

I became involved with GeoCities when I signed up for my own webpage shortly before my baby was born. I chose Paris as my neighborhood because I'm a writer. I loved webdesign and GeoCities right from the start! I taught myself HTML and next I plan to learn Java--but I haven't even started on that project yet. I decided to become a Community Leader because I love the Paris neighborhood and GeoCities so much, I just had to get more involved!

I'm really looking forward to helping other residents of Paris. If you would like some help, you can contact me at